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[xpost from 2+2]Important News about BOTTING in Party Poker MSNL cashgames

    • horsetranquilizer
      Dabei seit: 07.12.2006 Beiträge: 2.093
      Hi there

      as you probably know a lot of bots were found in the midstakes sixmax cashgames on Ipoker as well as the Ongame-Network. Further investigations have shown what was pretty much an open secret:
      These same bots also play on Party Poker.
      Until today we have found approximately 70 bots in our database and the search is not over yet. With this post we would like to notify poker players about the situation. It is not getting any better.

      Why do we do this? and Why are bots bad for the poker economy?

      It is pretty simple :

      -These accounts are CHEATING:
      They are breaking the terms of service we all agree to when we sign up for a poker site. The bots are bad for you whether you are a professional, a casual player or anywhere in between, these cheating accounts are winning LOTS!! of money and they are either beating you, or taking money from players you could beat. Bots can play long hours without tilting or making mistakes, and they are improving constantly.
      Even if you can beat them today, you may not be able to tomorrow.

      -It has already worked for the Ongame Network:
      We have already been through this process at Ongame and it was a success! Bots have disappeared from sixmax midstakes, because Ongame security department took your emails and the publicity this problem got seriously.

      -These bots play on all sites' midstakes sixmax games, we urge all regulars from microgaming, entraction, merge and pacific to perform investigations on their games!

      This is a screenshot from an alias of ~70 accounts playing sixmax cashgames from 2/4 to 10/20 no limit holdem in 2011,
      According to PTR 62 bot accounts played 1795116 hands winning at an average of 1,81 ptbb for a net of USD 755549

      Please contact partypoker and notify them about your concern:

      I am writing to express my alarm and concern that there are computer programs playing poker on your website, as discussed at the 2+2 forums and other internet poker communities. These programs are violating the terms of service of your website, and are cheating. Having a safe and fair game is of the utmost importance to me, and I urge you to take serious and immediate action against any and all accounts that violate the fairness and integrity of your games.

      y.o.u.r n.a.m.e

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