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If you are getting these type errors there are 2 possible options.

#1) If the error message refers to "hand_histories" like this:

Database Error: -1003
Error Text: SQLSTATE = S1093
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Invalid argument.
No changes made to database.
INSERT INTO hand_histories ( game_number, site_id, hand_history, import_date ) VALUES (

then the problem is with your hand history database being full.

What you should do is, WITH PT CLOSED, rename the current hhdb.mdb file to hhdb_old.mdb and then download this new file in it's place: http://www.pokertracker.com/hhdb.mdb - These files would be in your c:\program files\poker tracker v2 folder if you used the default folder during install.

Go to the Utilities/Database Maintenance and Options window. Click on the Hand History DB's tab at the end of the window. Click on the "Add File" button and point it to the hhdb_old.mdb file you just renamed.

What this will do is allow you to import new hands into the current file but also replay old hands that are in the hhdb_old.mdb file.

#2) IF THE PROBLEM DOESN'T MENTION HAND_HISTORIES BUT SOME OTHER TABLE LIKE 'players', 'game', 'game_players', 'player_winning', etc, etc. THEN...

Try using the Utilities > Repair A Poker Database option to fix the file.

If it works for a while after the repair and then comes back then this error means you have hit the maximum allowable file size for an Access database file (imposed by Microsoft, not PT) so you need to start a new database using the File/Maintain Database Names window and then start importing hands into that.

Another option is to convert the database to the PostgreSQL database format that does not have the file size restriction. See this post for more details.