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Compact a Database

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    • Ajezz
      Dabei seit: 19.07.2005 Beiträge: 10.245
      Wozu gibt es Handbücher?

      Compacting Your Databases
      To use this feature, select either "Compact A Poker Database", "Compact Hand History Database" or "One Step Compact - Poker and Hand History Databases" from the Utilities Menu.

      The "One Step Compact" option allows you to compact both the poker and hand history database at the same time without have to select each option individually.

      Poker Tracker uses Microsoft Access as it's back-end database. Access databases are notorious for taking up huge amounts of disk space, especially when importing large amounts of data, like Poker Tracker does, into them on a constant basis.

      Because of this, it is important to compact your database often. Not only does this reduce the file size of the database, but it makes the database run at it's optimal speed.

      Poker Tracker, by default, stores data in two database files. One file contains the complete text of each hand you have imported while the other contains the statistics obtained from that text. (Poker Tracker also gives you the ability to create multiple poker databases Maintaining Your Database for more detail). To compact your hand history database, select "Compact Hand History Database" from the Utilities Menu. To compact the statistics database, select "Compact A Poker Database" from the Utilities menu.

      Each time you compact your databases, a backup copy of the database is always made first in the event of an error. These files also provide additional benefit of providing a backup if your main database ever gets corrupted.

      Always, always make periodic backups of your database files! Having your computer crash is always traumatic and losing months of hand histories and player notes would also be difficult, not to mention the money you may lose while playing because you lost this information. So, always make periodic backups of your databases to zip drives or CD-R's or even floppy disks if you have to. We also recommend you save and backup your hand history files just to be safe.

      Repair A Poker Database (this option is under the Utilities menu in Poker Tracker)

      If you begin to encounter strange errors while importing data into your database (e.g. Invalid Argument errors or Invalid Bookmark errors) then this indicates that the database needs to be repaired. Use this option to repair the database. Note that you don't have to wait until you get errors to use this option, it doesn't hurt to use it periodically and it can be used in place of the compact if you want because it does a compact as well. As with the compact, a backup of the database file is always done before the repair is started.
      Compact Database Preferences (this option is under the Utilities menu in Poker Tracker)

      Use this option to tell Poker Tracker how often you want to be reminded to compact your databases. By default, Poker Tracker will prompt you every 7 days. If you don't want to be prompted at all, set the number of days on this window to 0.

      When Poker Tracker compacts your database, it always makes a backup copy of the file before doing so. If you want the backup files to be saved to a specific location, you can enter the folder name where you want the backups to go here. Enter the folder name or click the Browse For Folder button to select the folder. If you don't enter anything in this field, the backups will be created in the same folder that you installed Poker Tracker in.
    • Dannis111
      Dabei seit: 31.05.2006 Beiträge: 600
      und in Deutsch ?
    • monarco
      Dabei seit: 16.09.2007 Beiträge: 2.148
      Cliffnotes: kleinere DB, schnellere DB, kein Datenverlust. Immer, immer Backups machen (wird vor Compact sowieso gemacht).