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Warum kann der Party Support.....

    • Mirigom
      Dabei seit: 16.02.2006 Beiträge: 2.021
      .... nicht auch mal so lustige Geschichten schreiben.
      Seid ich da mal nen Bonus bei einer Pokerseite abgegriffen habe beglücken sie mich immer wieder mal mit ihrer newsletter. Seit die Amis weg sind haben sie ein wenig an Sarkasmus dazubekommen find ich^^ Diese kann ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten.

      Hier mal die letzten beiden

      G'day Marco,

      It's so good to be back at work, especially after a weekend like
      that. We only went away for a night, stayed in a little beach house,
      went out for dinner, did some bush walking......I really don't know
      why we even went away - I am typing this with extreme sarcasm by the

      Anyway, I wanted to let you know that now is as better time as any to
      be referring your mates to our Poker xxxxxx. Not only do you receive
      the Refer-A-Friend bonus but I'll also chuck in, either a Poker
      xxxx Money Clip and Mouse Pad (these are cool) or a Poker xxxx
      Shirt and hat - the choice is yours. Once your mate has signed up and
      has deposited, drop me an email and I'll sort it out.

      Catch ya later Marco. You'll hear from me at the end of the
      week about what is happening.

      Drop me an email if you have any questions.


      xxxx xxxx

      G'day Marco,

      Well it is looking like it's going to be a miserable weekend here. I am not
      letting that spoil the fact it is a Friday though. I am supposed to
      be playing golf tomorrow at 6am in the morning, can you believe that.
      Wait till I see the guy that organized this. A 6am tee off means a
      5.15am wake up call - it is sending shivers down my back thinking
      about it. I usually get back from the Pub around 3am, so it is not
      leaving much time to recoup. Great game though the golf.

      Actually about one year ago, a friend of mine tee'd off the last hole
      and smacked this drive that drifted across the 1st holes fairway, you
      could see what was going to happen a mile away, it was like out of a
      movie and all in slow motion, here we are yelling FOUR at the top of
      our lungs, the next thing you know this guy drops to the ground like
      he had been shot, he was star-fished, I seriously thought my mate had
      killed him. Anyway, I sprint up there and as I start getting closer I
      see him moving and sitting up, he groggily gets to his feet whilst we
      are apologizing profusely. He lifts his shirt up where the ball hit
      him. Right in the middle of his stomach, about 5 cm above his belly
      button is a black mark; surrounding this was a reddish bruise the size
      of a basketball. Man o Man, that must have hurt. I dread that
      happening to me, at least in Poker there's no chance of getting

      Hey, that's a good question....Have you ever been injured playing
      I mean, could be from a fight? Could be a flicked card that went
      astray and caught you in the eye, who knows? Make one up for all I
      care - just let me know? I would really love to hear of any. I will
      give you a Poker XXXXX mouse pad (has a few poker odds on it) for
      every worthy answer.

      Poker - There is an Almost Freeroll on this Sunday, check out the
      lobby for details. You have 1 week to register for the next Poker
      XXXXX Tour Game hosted by XXXX XXXX Poker. Go on, do yourself a
      favor and have a crack, it is only 100 raked hands for crying out
      loud, there will only be about 70-80 people there, chocolates for
      everyone in other words.

      You can check out the Player Leaderboard here


      Billionth hand promo is still running, great prizes up for grabs
      there. All you need to do is play poker.

      The Poker xxxxx Big One is also posted, 1k up for grabs, only a
      hundred raked hands to enter - get involved.

      Don't forget to check out my blog, feel free to comment on there as
      well. Drop me an email if you have any questions.

      Godspeed and have a great weekend.



      Ich hoffe mal ich habe alles raus gexxxxxxxxxxxx was nach Werbung aussieht.
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