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Multi tabling Helper ...

    • Stargoose
      Dabei seit: 17.01.2005 Beiträge: 4.077
      Bin ich im 2+2 Forum drauf gestossen, könnte für den ein oder anderen interessant sein:


      I normally 12-table on my 17" 1280x1024 monitor, and honestly that can become quite cramped. To help me i've made a simple app that arranges the windows for me, so i avoid mis-clicks and such.

      What it does is quite simply to put the active window in a specified corner, and arrange the other windows in the other corners of the monitor. There will only be one active window at a time, the others will be put in a queue and will be activated when you're done with the currently active window.

      You can see a small video showing it in action here: mth in action

      You can download the actual app from here: mth

      Please note that it requires WinRar to unpack. It does not need to be installed, it does howerver require Windows XP (haven't tested any other systems) and the .NET Framework

      Before you ask, no, i cannot give you any guarantee that this is not spyware/adware/fubar software, other than my word.

      It's free, and will remain so. Use it if you like.

      I'd appreciate, if you use it, that you drop a note with feedback.

      Link zum Original-Thread im 2+2 Forum
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