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      Hatte dasselbe, lt. PartyPoker sollte man so vorgehen:

      Thank you for contacting Customer Service.

      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties using our system. We are aware of the issue in question and you should be able to resolve it if you follow the step by step instructions provided below exactly in the following order:

      First of all, uninstall the PartyPoker software:

      1. Click on 'Start' at the bottom left corner of your screen.
      2. Select 'All Programs'.
      3. Scroll down to the PartyPoker software icon.
      4. Select 'Uninstall' from the drop down menu (uninstall should be at the bottom of that menu).

      Then, please delete the PartyGaming folder from C:\Program Files\ PartyGaming.

      After the above procedure, please perform a Disk Cleanup:

      1. Close all the programs.
      2. Click on Start and then on Programs.
      3. Click on Accessories and Select System Tools.
      4. Click on Disk Cleanup. After the disk cleanup is done, you will be taken back to the desktop.

      Once Disk Cleanup is finished please restart your computer and download our software from our website.

      In case you have further questions, we will be more than happy to assist you. We are available 24/7 by e-mail and phone.

      Thank you for choosing us as your online gaming site.

      Best regards,


      Customer Service

      Weiß nicht ob es funktioniert, habe nicht mehr gespielt in den letzten Tagen.

      EDIT: Hab heute gespielt. Der Replayer funktioniert nun wieder normal. ;)