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Neteller! Canadier dürfen nicht mehr zu Gambling Seiten überweisen!?

    • Carrry
      Dabei seit: 26.07.2006 Beiträge: 273
      Hab ich da was verpasst! Die Canadier spielen doch noch auf Party und co.!
      Was ist da los?

      Did NETELLER stop allowing Canadian members to make fund transfers with online gambling sites?
      With a recent review of its service to Canadian members, NETELLER announced that members who reside in Canada will no longer be able to transfer funds to and from online gambling sites. Read the most recent press release.

      When is the last day that I can transfer funds with an online gambling site?
      On April 9, 2007 all transfers to and from online gambling sites will be disabled for Canadian members.

      Why did NETELLER make this decision?
      NETELLER decided to cease online gambling transactions for Canadian members due to increased uncertainty about the status of certain activities related to online gambling in Canada.

      How do I know if I am a Canadian member?
      If your registered address with NETELLER is located in Canada, you are considered a Canadian member and all of the changes indicated here apply to you.

      Will my NETELLER account be closed?
      No. You will still be able to use your NETELLER account to securely send funds to friends and family with our peer-to-peer service, transfer funds to non-gambling sites and withdraw funds from your NETELLER account at an ATM using the NETELLER Card.

      Is my money safe in my NETELLER account?
      Yes. NETELLER keeps all members’ funds by holding the value in segregated trust accounts. As the largest independent online money transfer business in the world, we maintain our head office in Europe and are a publicly quoted company on the London Stock Exchange. NETELLER (UK) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

      Am I required to withdraw my money from NETELLER?
      No, there is no requirement for Canadian members to withdraw their funds from their e-wallet accounts.

      Can I still use NETELLER services like Peer-to-Peer and the NETELLER Card?
      Yes. You will still be able to send and receive money with our secure peer-to-peer network and you will still be able to withdraw your funds at ATMs with the NETELLER Card. The changes in service to our Canadian members only affect the ability to transfer funds with online gambling sites and to use the instaCASH deposit option.

      I am a resident of Canada. Can I still become a NETELLER member?
      Yes. The current changes to NETELLER’s business in Canada have no effect on the sign up process.

      Why can’t I access my instaCASH funds in my NETELLER account?
      NETELLER has made a policy and technical change that has disabled instaCASH for Canadian members.

      Will I be able to use instaCASH again?
      No decisions have been made regarding the future availability of this product.

      How can Canadian members find out about changes to their NETELLER services?
      All members will continue to have access to this FAQ site for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

      Who can I contact for assistance?
      If your question has not been answered by this FAQ, or if you require further assistance, please contact NETELLER Customer Service.
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