Complain about Moderator Michimanni

    • spongio
      Dabei seit: 30.11.2006 Beiträge: 418
      Hi Michimanni, hiermit moechte ich dich nur mal in Kenntnis setzen, was ich heute an den support geschrieben habe:

      "hi ps support,

      as i used to spoke to other community members as well about the moderator called michimanni, they were complaining about his incompetence, i did not thought more of it. but just today i found this thread and was SHOCKED Kennt sich jemand mit Hund aus ?

      I really expect i cannot be the first one complaining about him as an incompetent moderator. If that so, i really wonder why PS staffed people like that. The Forum looses alot attraction with idiots in power.

      Alexander Parra (spongio)"

      das ist meine meinung, und zum glueck ist diese vom grundrecht geschuetzt
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