Physik ? Löffel + ductape + feuerzeug = explosion?

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      inwiefern kann man damit rechnen, dass einem der Löffel um die Ohren fliegt? Oder vebrennt man sich nur ordentlich die Finger?

      1) Go to your kitchen and find a nice metal spoon. Tea spoons work too but normal ones are better.
      2) Get yourself a lighter, the bigger the flame the better.
      3) Get some duct tape and wrap it around the handle. About 4-6 layers.
      4) Start heating up the spoon with the lighter. Make it really really hot. Holding it just above the flame for about 2 minutes should work.
      5) Go to a faucet and turn on cold(!) water at full force.
      6) Hold the spoon directly under the faucet.
      7) Shit massive bicks.
      8) Post results.

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