Neulich am Jackpot Table. LOLLOMAT!

    • Radioghost
      Dabei seit: 22.01.2007 Beiträge: 4.664
      #5842110857: Radioghost wins $ 13.90 USD from the main pot with a straight flush, Ten high.
      Radioghost: that was close...
      smallfish21: for such a bum hand lucky
      Radioghost: i wish i would have been beaten
      smallfish21: lol y is that
      TheDuke07: y?
      Radioghost: this is a jackpot table my friend
      Radioghost: if i lose with a straight flush were all rich
      smallfish21: no
      Radioghost: ???
      smallfish21: it has to be 4 of a kind higher than tens
      smallfish21: two people at the same time
      TheDuke07: 8's actually
      Radioghost: straight flush is higher than quads...
      smallfish21: nothing is higher than 4 of a kind
      leeroybc: are you kidding?
      smallfish21: nope
      Radioghost: omg
      leeroybc: suggestion .. read about poker ..
      leeroybc: so a royal would be .. where then?
      Sky181: royal flush!!!!!!!!!!!
      smallfish21: below
      leeroybc: lol
      leeroybc: man, read some poker books
      smallfish21: ok
      Radioghost: and replace small in your name with big...
      leeroybc: hahaha lol
      smallfish21: but to win the big one two people have to get 4 tens and 4 jacks to win the bad beat and it has to be a raked hand
      leeroybc: someone has been watching wsop to much and not paying attention
      Radioghost: read about jackpot tables also...
      leeroybc: man
      smallfish21: thats what i read
      leeroybc: it has to be quads, over 8's, or better
      smallfish21: no tens or better
      smallfish21: thats what i read
      leeroybc: read again
      smallfish21: i willthan
      leeroybc: take a look at a hand breakdown while your at it and see where quads sit on that list
      smallfish21: ok doky
      smallfish21: u cant get 4 of a kind the same time as royal flush
      Radioghost: omg, quit playing poker
      leeroybc: yes you can
      leeroybc: man
      leeroybc: read some books, or at least do some math
      smallfish21: no u cant man
      leeroybc: write it on paper .. noob ...
      TheDuke07: u have ak....q j 10 come than 10 10
      leeroybc: so and i have pocket 10s
      Radioghost: JJ AK TJQJx...
      leeroybc: guess the guy that won 102,000 here 2 weeks ago with royal vs quads was cheating then?
      smallfish21: ok
      smallfish21: lol
      leeroybc: hheerree fishy fishy
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