Neuer Standardmove 0.2 (englisch)

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      XXX (edited)

      I get AcJc in the BB. UTG limps (bad player), UTG +1 raises (relatively wide here because he will try to isolate. SB calls, I just call.

      Flop is Ks5h4c, great. I have a backdoor flush draw.

      UTG checks, UTG+1 bets, SB folds, I call (possibly loose, but I like it still given the players in and the action thus far.). UTG calls.

      Turn is 9c giving me a real flush draw.
      I check, UTG bets, UTG+1 folds. I call.

      UTG is not very aggressive but capable of random weird bluffs.

      The river is no help - Kh for a final board of

      Ks 5h 4c 9c Kh. SO i have ace high. A bet here would be pointless because he is not folding any pair here. I guess he could call with a worse ace, but he would more likely raise with a worse hand and call with a better one. So I check and start to try and decide if I should call a river bet.

      I couldnt believe it. He folded. My check must have been scary.

      Let me say that again. I was out of position on the river with ace high in a decent size pot and checked, my opponent folded. hahahahahahahah. I guess I must have had the best hand, but who knows.

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