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      Ich hab heute beim pp-support angefragt, nach welcher zeit man von einem tisch gekickt wird, wenn man auf sit-out ist.

      hier die antwort:

      I understand that there is some technical difficulty while playing at our tables. I suggest that you run a disk cleanup, delete cookies and files to continue:

      Disk Cleanup:

      1) Close all the programs
      2) Click on Start
      3) Click on Programs
      4) Click on Accessories
      5) Select System Tools
      6) Click on Disk Cleanup

      Once the Disk cleanup starts check all the check boxes shown and click on the "Start" button. After the disk cleanup is done, you will be taken back to the desktop.

      Delete Cookies and Files:

      1. Close all the programs
      2. Open Internet Explorer window
      3. Click on *Tools ---> Internet Options*
      4. Click on *Delete Cookies --> Ok* and *Click on *Delete Files ---> Ok*
      5. Now, please restart your computer.

      Thank you.

      NOTE: Your Account username and password are confidential information. No one from the company will ever ask for your password in a phone call or email. Do not respond to any requests that ask for your password.
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