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Pokertracker 2.07 raus !!!

    • Stargoose
      Dabei seit: 17.01.2005 Beiträge: 4.077
      Neuer Pokertracker Patch ist raus, endlich wird er Umstieg auf PostgrSQL vollzogen. Das sollte gerade bei großen Datenbanken einen ziemlichen Performanceschub geben !!!

      Downloadmöglichkeiten etc. siehe unten ... ;)

      Hi folks,

      I am releasing the 2.07.00F patch on the forum now and will release to the general public in a little while once all the kinks are worked out here.


      The 2.07.00F patch is here: http://www.pokertracker.com/patch20700f.exe




      NEW - support for PostgreSQL database added. See further in this post for more comments on this.
      NEW - support for new Prima/Ladbrokes hand history format added. For details, see the help on the new File/Auto-Import Prima/Ladbrokes Hand Histories window.
      NEW - support for Party WSOP, Mini-Step and Higher-Step tournament summaries.
      NEW - support for Party add-on/rebuy tournaments. You can now enter the number of add-on and rebuys on the File/Party and Affiliate Tournament Summaries - Manual Entry window.
      NEW - My Day Starts At - this option on the Preferences tab of the stats window was changed in the 2.06 patch and some users wanted it to work as it did before this patch. So I have added an option that allows you to tell PT to have it work the old way if you want to.
      NEW - Added a filter to the Game Notes tab of the Ring Stats window to allow you to filter by rake amount. This is for those Cryptologic users so they can get a count of their hands with more than $0.25 rake.

      FIXED - Cryptologic NL games with the big blind less than 1 was causing a "NL ($0)" entry. This is fixed so that it doesn't do this anymore but hands currently in the database will have to be purged and reimported in order to get them to go under the correct level.
      FIXED - Problem converting NL/PL games to 6 MAX on the Database Maintenance and Options window. Previously, it wasn't setting the NL/PL indicator correctly.


      If you want to use this option, after you install the patch and help files, open the Help/PostgreSQL License Agreement/How To Install PostgreSQL option. At the bottom of this window is a link you can click on that will open the help file and take you through the steps of installing PostgreSQL and converting your Access database.

      Please read the section about systems requirements before trying to install PostgreSQL. Not all versions of Windows are supported (Windows 98 and ME are not!)

      I have also created a separate forum for any PostgreSQL questions/problems. Please post anything regarding PostgreSQL there instead of on this forum...

      PostgreSQL Forum

      Also, I have made the PostgreSQL Beta Forum visible for everyone now. If you have problems, check this forum because someone may have found out a fix/workaround during the beta.

      PostgreSQL Beta Forum

      Finally, I just wanted to thank all of the folks that helped with the PostgreSQL beta. I really appreciate your input and suggestions and the time you spent helping me get this thing working.

      THIS IS GOING TO BE A BUSY WEEKEND FOR ME. My son's birthday party is this weekend and I have some other things to do. I will still be checking the forum but might not get time to answer everything as fast as I usually do.
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