Cashout Problem...

    • creedence
      Dabei seit: 18.08.2006 Beiträge: 204
      ...also folgendes...ich hatte Schulden bei einem Freund, aber kein Bargeld.
      Dachte mir alles klar, ich schick dir Geld ueber den Inter-Account Transfer blablabla. Er wollte das Geld auscashen, aber dann kam folgende Antwort von PP:

      >While approving a cashout request of yours we see that you are cashing out an amount transferred to you by another player on our website via the Inter-Account Transfer feature.
      >Please note that the Inter-Account Transfer feature is a privilege for all Real Money Account Holders who wish to help their friends on the site who go broke, or want to convert Play Money Players to play for Real Money.
      >Using this feature for any purpose other than those mentioned above is not encouraged, so please write back to us with a clarification about the same for us to verify the cashout.
      >We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

      ??????WAS NU???????????

      Danke vorab!
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