Joa. Hab mir das mal runtergeladen und installiert aber immer wenn ich auf F2 drück um 4 Tische zu joinen (hab ich vorher so eingestellt) kommt ne Nachricht "Table name cant be found in dialog. Restart scrit and try again". Sind die Einstellungen für NL5 FR überhaut richtig?

; Set what hotkeys should join tables.
; Leave empty (=) if you don't want to use a hotkey for a specific function.
; List of available hotkeys:

pst_hotkey_join_min = F1
pst_hotkey_join_mid = F2
pst_hotkey_join_max = F3

; Set what hotkey should stop the script.

pst_hotkey_stop = F4

; Set if ANY table (with min players) should be joined (1) or not (0).
; If not, all full tables in current table list in lobby will be joined.
; Use this method to join only 6-max tables.

pst_method_is_any_table = 0

; Set how many tables should be joined for min/mid/max.

pst_min_tables = 1
pst_mid_tables = 4
pst_max_tables = 12

; Set what game type to join. MUST be exactly as shown in Partypoker lobby!
; Set blinds for level to join. MUST be exactly as shown in lobby table list.
; Set min players for tables to join.

pst_game_type = No-Limit Hold'em
pst_game_blinds = $0.02/$0.04
pst_min_players = 8

; Set num of seats for table to join. Should be 10 (full), 6 (short) or 2 (headsup).

pst_seats = 10

; Set how much, in percent, of default amount (as shown in Buy-in dialog) you should byuin for.
; If percentage buyin doesn't work, you can set an absoulte amount to buyin with instead.
; pst_buyin_amount is is used if greater than 0, otherwise percentage buyin will be used.

pst_buyin_percent = 100
;pst_buyin_amount =

; Set if you should sitout (1) or not (0) when you join a new table.

pst_sitout = 0

; Set position where new tables should be moved to. Leave blank for no move.
; To position each new table at a different position, use setting (pst_dynamic_position) below.

pst_abs_position_x = 2395
pst_abs_position_y = 0

; Set if each new table should be positioned at a new location.
; Default setting below will position tables evenly across two monitors.
; NOTE: If you join 5 tables, they will be positioned according to the setting below, but if
; you later choose to join 5 new tables, the positioning will start over from the first
; coordinate given in this setting.

; pst_dynamic_position = 0.0/0.575/795.0/795.575/1600.0/1600.575/2395.0/2395.575/397.288/1997.288

; Set if tables should be joined from the current table list in lobby (1) or not (0).
; If not, script will navigate to tables according to game type and blinds settings.
; If script fails to navigate to chosen game type, set this to (1) and navigate
; to game type yourself before starting to join tables.

pst_current_table_list = 1

; Set how many full table waitlists that should be joined.
; This setting only tells how many waitlists should be joined for full tables, and not how
; many actual tables that will be joined.

pst_max_waitlists = 999

; Set if nonfull tables should be joined (1) or not (0) when joining waitlists for full tables.

pst_join_nonfull = 1

; This should be the name of Party's Join Waitlist button in the lobby, as shown by using AHK Window Spy.
; For some reason, Party software can change this name between logins. If you experience problems,
; try setting this name to any of these, or even better, use the Spy utility and find it out:
; "AfxWnd4217"
; "AfxWnd4218"
; "AfxWnd4219"

pst_join_button_name := "AfxWnd4218"

Und funktioniert das überhaut zusammen mit BetPot? Ich such ein ScriPt das die Funktionen wie BetPot hat, zudem noch nen Auto Buyin, auto "Wait for BB", "Auto Post Blind" und rebuy auf KnoPfdruck hat. Gibts sowas oder kann man sich das selbst schreiben?

Achso und ich habe ein Problem mit "ChiP Reloader". Wenn ich den Hotkey drück dann öffnet sich zwar das Rebuy Fenster, aber anstatt zu rebuyn drückt der auf den "Cashier" Button worauf sich der Internetexlorer öffnet :D Woran liegt das?