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Matusow PWNS

    • GGiant
      Dabei seit: 21.01.2007 Beiträge: 7.119
      das hab ich bei full tilt beobachtet vorhin der ziigmund hat die ganze kohle von mike geholt und wollte gehen! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

      Hier der chat: !Guckt nach MIke Matusow!

      FTP Advisor: After sitting down at the table, you can change
      your relative position at the table by right-clicking on the
      location where you would like to be moved and selecting "Put
      Me Here".
      Dealer: Hand #2589011502
      krist123 (Observer): Mike just plays with borrowed moneys
      ThePokerKid70 (Observer): he cant play 5K but hes sitting with
      3 here
      ThePokerKid70 (Observer): lol
      krist123 (Observer): mmm he is funny
      Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($800)
      Dealer: Hand #2589012822
      tilt-johan (Observer): is it daniels money mike?
      Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($400)
      Dealer: Hand #2589013479
      krist123 (Observer): ofc it is
      deadmoneynj (Observer): mike has plenty bankroll..no
      worry's.....karma time
      Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($800)
      Dealer: Hand #2589014466
      krist123 (Observer): mm whatever...
      tilt-johan (Observer): mike is always broke
      krist123 (Observer): he is higly underrolled 99% of the time
      Dealer: Ziigmund wins the pot ($2,399.50)
      Dealer: Hand #2589015960
      matt2403 (Observer): how do u donks know hes underrolled?
      bolden121 (Observer): MIKE DONT GAMBLE WITH HIM TRY
      Kirbynator (Observer): id like to play some 25-50 hu with mike :(
      Dealer: Ziigmund wins the pot ($400)
      Dealer: Hand #2589016469
      deadmoneynj (Observer): he had 90k spead over several tables
      30 minutes ok..shut up fool
      matt2403 (Observer): you have his bank statement?
      Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($400)
      matt2403 (Observer): stop being so fn stupid
      Dealer: Hand #2589017160
      krist123 (Observer): mm 90 K, sure alot if u play 100 200
      ElPibeDeBronzo (Observer): all wants play with mike ahahah
      Dealer: Ziigmund wins the pot ($7,199.50)
      evigler (Observer): lol
      Dealer: Hand #2589018712
      TheTutor1978 (Observer): lol
      matt2403 (Observer): krist your clueless
      killphi (Observer): mike ship me 10k
      killphi (Observer): ill play him
      elmoredarren1 (Observer): mike just give up
      Dealer: Ziigmund wins the pot ($799.50)
      Ziigmund: more
      krist123 (Observer): dont know what hes hoping for here
      Ziigmund: lol
      Ziigmund: joke
      ElPibeDeBronzo (Observer): more
      Ziigmund: u r joke
      killphi (Observer): ziigy
      krist123 (Observer): play him Zig
      killphi (Observer): ur up so much
      krist123 (Observer): take it all
      Kirbynator (Observer): ill be sitting on 25-50 NLHE mike
      ElPibeDeBronzo (Observer): more money mike
      krist123 (Observer): TAKE HIS 4 K ZIIG
      Mike Matusow: lest i ante up to u an dnot a hit run fking little
      girl pusssy
      foust51 (Observer): who can guess how long mike has been up
      ElPibeDeBronzo (Observer): 40k
      Kirbynator (Observer): mike I have 10k to give you @ orbit
      Thulsa_Doom1 (Observer): haha all he go zig
      GHETTO_MONK (Observer): Zigmund Mike wil kill u play hu on
      a nl table
      Mike Matusow: if u gave me 5k id never do wh tu did ever
      Mike Matusow: u got no classs or ettiqutte
      krist123 (Observer): hE CANT SPELL
      evigler (Observer): he is a whiner too
      wateree78 (Observer): bust his #%& mike
      TheTutor1978 (Observer): he got money
      GHETTO_MONK (Observer): Zigmund ur a puss play him hu
      20k on nl big mouth
      U GO BROKE NOW (Observer): u drunk MIkey???????
      Ziigmund: ?
      krist123 (Observer): how manu min were u in school mike
      Mike Matusow: u gonnapy or hit run me again like a little sissy
      evigler (Observer): take it zig
      TheTutor1978 (Observer): play puss
      watchmeroll (Observer): lol class or etiquette little girl pussy
      Mike Matusow: see i dont give a fk
      krist123 (Observer): play him 100 200 NLHU
      Kirbynator (Observer): mike i dont hit n run!!
      Kirbynator (Observer): -.-
      Dealer: Hand #2589026982
      PitchMeAgain (Observer): sahamies, tiedätkö järjestääkö V.
      Keskinen sen 1MEUR pokeriturnauksen suomessa?
      Dealer: Ziigmund wins the pot ($400)
      Ziigmund: u r just a 1 f big joke
      Dealer: Hand #2589027448
      hunt1897 (Observer): go play kirby at 25 50 NL mike
      tnt4philly (Observer): take him down mike
      tilt-johan (Observer): comeon zigmund, eat his liver
      bolden121 (Observer): UNFORTUNATLY THE FINISH HAVE
      txbomber11 (Observer): get him mike
      TheTutor1978 (Observer): bust his %%@
      Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($400)
      Dealer: Hand #2589028344
      TheTutor1978 (Observer): miker
      Thulsa_Doom1 (Observer): hahah owned by zig mike
      mikkojtm10 (Observer): go ziig
  • 8 Antworten
    • windrider
      Dabei seit: 25.09.2005 Beiträge: 1.572
      "The Mouth" hat online angeblich schon 2.5 mio verdonkt

      TONY G > Mike Matusow
    • GGiant
      Dabei seit: 21.01.2007 Beiträge: 7.119
      es geht weiter: LOL nur auf Ziigmund und Mike Matusow achten der rest sind vollidioten!

      FTP Advisor: Tired of your avatar? Go to the "Account" menu
      along the top of the lobby and click on "Change Avatar..."
      jkspladal (Observer): wuts up mikey
      I-Unit89 (Observer): mike u did good
      Dealer: Hand #2589070343
      I-Unit89 (Observer): dont listen to others
      Ziigmund: mike
      Dealer: Mike Matusow has 5 seconds left to act
      Ziigmund: i just mean i wont play with shortstacks
      Dealer: Ziigmund has 5 seconds left to act
      Dealer: Ziigmund has timed out
      Dealer: Hand #2589070343 has been canceled
      Ziigmund: u understand it?
      Mike Matusow: u are garbage fk u
      Ziigmund: pls
      Ziigmund: mike
      I-Unit89 (Observer): Ziig
      trav1s27 (Observer): take him down mike
      I-Unit89 (Observer): if he puts money, jsut because u have
      shortened hsi stack
      Mike Matusow: u beat me out of 60k then tellme no
      shortstacks r u fkig out of yor fking mind
      I-Unit89 (Observer): its not right to sit out till he puts more
      Ziigmund: mike... do u understand i wont play like 3k stacks
      Ziigmund: and u always htirun against me
      ronsley (Observer): is this a soap opera?
      Ziigmund: so no point
      Mike Matusow: i sat in y9o fking gam e
      watchmeroll (Observer): 8K Ilari
      Mike Matusow: u scumbag an danted up
      Mike Matusow: u are &@&%
      Mike Matusow: fkoff
      Ziigmund: ???
      Ziigmund: u r hitrunner
      Mike Matusow: afte ru hit run me for 50k
      Mike Matusow: fk of
      Ziigmund: take 40k and i ll play whole night
      bricks (Observer): zig dont play god ur not that good
      Ziigmund: u r hitrunner
      Mike Matusow: y sit fk head
      Mike Matusow: or sit in 50 100 ilbuy max
      trav1s27 (Observer): he's scared of you at hold em
      gametime011 (Observer): mike vs zig ppv fight
      ronsley (Observer): how can someoen that hit and run 4 183k
      earlier accuse soemone else of uit
      rambling00 (Observer): u back for more mike?
      Timp17 (Observer): now, thatz a challenge!
      Mike Matusow: wants to play his game his limti his amount of
      money i should put on table
      rambling00 (Observer): mike put up 90 dimes
      Mike Matusow: then have no ettiqutte an dbe %$%@ fk u
      rambling00 (Observer): u cheap preck
      folsum0512 (Observer): at least mike is ready to play
      Timp17 (Observer): GO TAKE SOME ONE ELSEZ MONEY
      Mike Matusow: he wont sit
      rambling00 (Observer): ill sit
      rambling00 (Observer): send me over 20 Large
      Mike Matusow: he won everyhand for 30min lost one talked
      %#$! and got up
      trav1s27 (Observer): do it then
      folsum0512 (Observer): they all like talking #%@% mikie
      ronsley (Observer): deep breaths mike go have some fun
      Mike Matusow: thing is i dont give fk
      rambling00 (Observer): Mike, how come u aint in vegas playing
      the WSOP?
      watchmeroll (Observer): sit SAH and show all that the big
      stack wont matter
      trav1s27 (Observer): no more omaha mikey
      Kirbynator (Observer): 25-50 NL head sup
      woodywood187 (Observer): MIKE LOVE THE MOUTHPIECE
      GuitarMan 13 (Observer): LMAO.. he told u Zig
      Midasoz (Observer): mike, ev knows zig is a cry baby with a
      god complex
      Mike Matusow: now illltellu
      rambling00 (Observer): ozzy ozzy ozzy
      bolden121 (Observer): ZIG U NEED TO SHOW MANNERS AT
      Mike Matusow: ante the fk up or go fk your self bye bye fk head
      Nature_Ace (Observer): this is too hilarious :D :D :D :D
      Thor2006 (Observer): LO
      MoNkEy697 (Observer): lol
      watchmeroll (Observer): he's on tilt so bad that Illari is doing
      him a favor by not sitting and letting him cool off
      Thor2006 (Observer): LOL
      Kirbynator (Observer): maybe i should play him 50-100 after all
      jiffybag (Observer): 20k is 20k Ziig
      Kirbynator (Observer): meh
      lowballpro (Observer): mike he was wrong but dont steem
      watchmeroll (Observer): cmon zig
      jiffybag (Observer): it's limit
      Ziigmund: ok mike
      Ziigmund: 50 100
      rambling00 (Observer): steam scumbag
      gametime011 (Observer): zigs callin his friends
      jiffybag (Observer): not like there's an advantage
      ronsley (Observer): yeah he was doing him favours with huis s
      h i t talk and etiquette
      Ziigmund: mike m8
      MoNkEy697 (Observer): lol
      bricks (Observer): zig get some class
      bmarchetti (Observer): why
      rambling00 (Observer): play you 2 [uzzies
      Timp17 (Observer): IN THA CROWD!
    • GGiant
      Dabei seit: 21.01.2007 Beiträge: 7.119
      ja hast recht tony g ist der beste aber das hier^^ ist vom feinsten! :D :D :D
    • Kinger
      Dabei seit: 25.02.2007 Beiträge: 300
      no offense.... aber mike ist ja wenigstens cool und hat style....
      aber wenn ich jemals neben dieser dicken wurst von tony g. sitze und der auch nur ein spruch macht, würde ich diesem hässlichen kleinen dicken poker nerd so nen tunnel ins gesicht schlagen das er nie wieder flamed, no offense.

      ein wenig ironie und ein wenig ernst :/
    • synterius
      Dabei seit: 19.03.2005 Beiträge: 1.177
      schon peinlich wie man als erwachsener so nen ausdruck an den tag legen kann.
    • GGiant
      Dabei seit: 21.01.2007 Beiträge: 7.119
      bei Tony G ist es aber so das er das mit seinem Spiel verbindet und im "richtigen" Leben ist er gaz anders wie man seinem Blog auf Pokerworks entnehmen kann, und außerdem ist es einfach nur lustig wenn Tony G an einem Tisch ist siehe WPT Paris gegen Surrinder!
    • ktec
      Dabei seit: 17.01.2005 Beiträge: 2.781
      stell einfach den observer chat aus, dann muss man den scheiss nicht lesen.
    • GGiant
      Dabei seit: 21.01.2007 Beiträge: 7.119
      bin gar nicht darauf gekommen das man den scheiß observer chat austellen kann, danke!