Bluff Deutschland

    • Magnus
      Dabei seit: 14.05.2006 Beiträge: 100
      Hi, hab ich grad im Bluff Europe gelesen:

      Delirious news for German poker players: From next month, your favorite poker magazine (that`s this one!) will be available in your mother tongue when Bluff Deutschland hits the newsstands across Germany. Up until now, German readers have been sadly bereft of Bluff Europe, as the advertising of gambling sites is strictly verboten over there. Word has it that copies are smuggled over the border where they fetch a high price on the black market (customs officials please note: that was a joke - Ed.). So, from July, expect all the best bits of Bluff Europe, plus a whole new German focus and heaps of advertising. Prosit!

      Wie geil. Endlich ist ein gutes deutsches Magazin zu erwarten.
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