Seltsame line.

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      Ich post hier mal eine Hand aus dem 2+2 Forum. Denn die antworten auf die Hand finde ich dort doch irgendwie seltsam. Es wird vorgeschlagen den Turnraise zu callen und den River zu check/raisen. Mir erschliesst sich aber der Sinn darin nicht. W're hier nicht 3/bet turn besser weil hier viele draws möglich sind ?? Hier mal der Orginalpost

      15-30 live fr game with 7 players due to walkers, only 2 donkeys, which has led to a little more action pre-flop then usual, it actually seems we're playing something that resembles pkr

      hero finds black KK UTG, raises, gets 3-bet by solid aggressive UTG+1 player, everybody out, hero caps

      flop: 10d 7d 9c hero leads, call

      turn: 5h hero leads, UTG+1 raises

      what's your line?

      we have played many many sessions in the same game and the few times we had been HU we both have been fairly aggressive with each other, he's too loose pre flop, but he respects my game enough to not raise me with junk pre, he can get a bit tricky postflop, raises fairly light, but not always correctly, he sometimes takes awful lines

      any pocket is in his range here

      he calls off a lot when he thinks he's got a chance, he's def capable of 3-betting with nothing when he thinks somebody can be pushed off

      Gruß Sascha
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