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Bot zu verkaufen

    • durrian
      Dabei seit: 07.03.2009 Beiträge: 989
      Solche Werbemails werden nach wie vor völlig ungeniert verschickt:

      (Das sind die Bots,die ich bereits VOR JAHREN hier und bei 2+2 im Forum beschrieben hatte.Allerdings wurde ich ausgelacht,beschimpft,geflamed, und des Verfolgungswahns bezichtigt,weshalb ich mich trotz Insiderwissen danach aus dieser Diskussion herausgehalten habe.)

      Hier die neueste Mail:
      We just posted a brand new profile for our Holdem Bot named "Wild Bill." This thing has been absolutely tearing up the tables at Cake Poker (where we tested it over the last few weeks), and is now available to the public for the very first time. Wild Bill is a very effective "all in one" profile that can be used in No Limit cash games, 1-table SNGs, MTTs, and even double-up SNGs. All with the same profile! Best of all, it is free. You can access it and check out some screenshots of it in action on this web page:


      Wild Bill may seem to be a bit wild for some of you, but there is a real method to its madness. In our opinion tight profiles are becoming less and less effective at the low stakes games these days. A good loose-aggressive profile like this one is a great way to counteract that trend, and is difficult for opponents to exploit. If they try to raise this bad boy off a hand, they may end up looking at a push in response - and therefore be less likely to try and bully it any further.

      You can use Wild Bill right now, at any of our supported poker rooms. As you can see from the pictures and the profile description on the above web page, you can expect to do well with it - regardless of what game type you stick it in. Because this profile is brand spanking new, not many people are using it yet. So most of your opponents will not be familiar with this style of play and won't know what hit them. Heck, they probably won't even think to get the license plate off your truck after you flatten them.

      Speaking of supported poker rooms, we just added support for a new [...]. Why did we do this? Because we have arranged a very special 43% rakeback deal for you here, which is the best [...] offer that we have seen anywhere. To get this deal all you have to do is sign up, deposit at least $100, and email us your username. We will take care of the rest and email you back confirmation within 48 hours. You don't even need to use the bot for this if you don't want to -but why the heck wouldn't you?

      So that's it for now. With a 43% rakeback deal and a tough loose-aggressive profile it will be difficult to lose. You can download version 6.2.1 of the Holdem Bot, which has support for [...] and the latest user manual, from a link on the above posted web page. Have fun with Wild Bill and we will see you at the cashier window.


      Shanky Technologies Team

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