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Russian Community welcomes all Fifty50 player in our FIFTY50 League (February).



Poker Room: PokerStars

League consists of 6 Divisions:

1st - Fifty50 any limits
2nd - Fifty50 60$ and lower
3rd - Fifty50 30$ and lower
4th - Fifty50 15$ and lower
5th - Fifty50 7$ and lower
6th - Fifty50 3.50$ and lower

Results: Total player profit including rakeback (1-2 division - 40% rakeback, 3 division - 30% rakeback, 4-5 division - 25% rakeback, 6 division - 20% rakeback) according to data from during the League period.

Time: Starts at the 01 of February (00:00 UTС+0 Western Europe Time), terminates at the 29 of February (23:59 UTС+0 Western Europe Time)

Registration: Up to the 3 of February (23:59 UTС+0 Western Europe Time)
For registration you need to post in this topic your PokerStars player name, Division you want to participle (2 and more divisions allowed) and transfer buy-in from this account to the judge (read 2nd post of registration topic)

1st Division any limits - 600$
2nd Division 60$ and lower - 250$
3rd Division 30$ and lower - 150$
4th Division 15$ and lower - 100$
5th Division 7$ and lower - 50$
6th Division 3.5$ and lower - 25$

Prize pool:
5 participants and less: 1st - 100% of prize pool
6-8 participants: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 30%
9 participants and more: 1st - 50%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%

Additional terms:
- reset or close your statistics on during pari time leads to disqualification;
- calculates profit only from one your account (in case of ban or block your can't play from other account);
- return of money for Internet problems, other players unfair play, etc. are not consider;
- possible lose of tournament by are not consider too;
- if difference in profit between players is less than 1 buy-in of max avaliable limit of the division, players take the same place;
- no limit for tournaments to play.

Previous League:
Лига Fifty50 русского форума...[ЯНВАРЬ 2012]