Broke in Early und Middle -> Rebuy shortstacked

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      Rolf Slotboom in Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha:

      "Please keep in mind that you should buy in for this maximum amount only when you are on the button or the cutoff, not in middle position or so. Let's say that UTG+1 you have lost your entire stack. You should rebuy for 400$ now, not for 2.000$, and you should only complete to the full buy-in once you have reached the button. Many players don't think about this at all and just buy-in for the maximum, oblivious to the fact that they could have avoided playing three hands with too much money in front of them in clearly unprofitable situations (under the gun plus the blinds)."
      Bezieht sich zwar auf PL Omaha, aber die Situation ist bei FR-NLHE ja die gleiche. Ein sehr guter Gedanke wie ich finde, werde das ab sofort so handhaben.
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