Your Exclusive Poker Mission

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    • matchball31
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    • GrandeSmokio
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      Welcome to our Your Exclusive Poker Mission promotion.

      Make a deposit and qualify for as many qualified days to receive Mission Points*. Finish in the top 1000 and you will win a Prize.

      That’s all there is to this promotion. What are you waiting for? Optin Now!!!

      Promo starts: Friday, 18 May 2012 15:15 ET
      Promo ends: Thursday, 31 May 2012 23:59 ET

      Your Exclusive Poker Mission - Win Exciting Prizes in this leaderboard promo designed especially for you!!!

      You just have to do 3 things to qualify.

      1.Optin to the promo

      2.For every $ that you deposit, you will receive 1 Mission point(s)*.

      3.Qualified days acts as the multiplier for your mission points.A qualified day is when you play 1 raked hand in our cash games or 1 tournament with an entry fee in a day.

      The promotion is valid from May 18th to May 31st, giving you an opportunity to have a max multiplier of 13.

      Example - Player A deposits $50, he gets 50 Points. If he has 13 qualified days, he now has 13*50 = 650 Mission Points

      The top 1000 players in this campaign will win REAL Prizes, which include:

      - Make your own reload bonus – You get to decide the bonus amount and the number of slabs. The bonus will have a multiplier of 5x loyalty points for clearance.Max Bonus = $1000 and Max Slabs = 10

      - Choose your own Happy Hours and Multiplier**.

      - Buy upto $200 T$ at a 10% discount.

      That’s all there is to this promotion. What are you waiting for? Optin Now!!!

      All Prizes will be manually issued on June 2nd, 2012.

      * Mission Points have no monetary Value. They are specific only to this promotion.

      **The hours and multiplier will depend on the number of days you select. The Happy Hour prize table is as follows:

      Days Hours Multiplier
      1 10 2
      2 4 3
      3 2 4
      5 1 5

      If you would like the Happy Hours prize, please send us an email with your preference so that we can track your play and add the bonus points accordingly.
      Select a promotion
    • Schnicker
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      Die wollen halt, dass du Geld einzahlst und anschließend im Promozeitraum jeweils täglich mindestens eine Hand rakest oder ein (Nichtfreeroll-)Turnier spielst.

      Bsp.: Du depositest $100 und rakest an allen 13 Tagen jeweils mindestens einmal, dann bekommst du 1300 Mission Points. Unter allen Spielern, die an der Promo teilnehmen, wird dann eine Rangliste basierend auf den Mission Points erstellt und die Top1000 dieser Rangliste bekommen einen Preis.

      Man weiß halt vermutlich nicht, was die anderen so einzahlen und wieviele da überhaupt mitmachen dürfen. Ich z.B. habe die Promo nicht ;(
    • dragon1
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      ich finds nervig dass man hier nicht sieht, ob die Promo auf party oder WPT stattfindet. Haben die nur einige gekriegt?
    • Delta21
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      Hat noch jemand anders eine Mission bekommen ?

      Herzlich willkommen bei unserer Aktion Poker Mission.
      Your Poker Mission briefing is here…
      Aktionsbeginn: Montag, 25 Februar 2013 13:00 ET
      Aktionsende: Mittwoch, 27 Februar 2013 23:59 ET

      Are you ready to discover a new kind of poker success?

      Complete the mission below and you’ll be honoured with a $5 FastForward Cash Voucher:

      1) Play 50 hands or more at any cash game table
      - You must see the flop for a hand to count.

      2) Play a minimum of 2 Sit & Go tournaments

      Remember to complete your mission in this order before it expires.

      Your $5 FastForward Cash Voucher will appear in the ‘Bonus’ section of your account. You can claim it when you’ve successfully completed your mission.

      Your voucher can be used on all FastForward tables.

      Cash Voucher bedeutet ich bekomm einen Stack für NL4 FF wenn ich die Mission erfülle oder ?