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    • magda25uk
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      As member of polish community I am writing to complain about the service that i am receiving from your company which Im charged for.
      We are promised articles and tuition which i never receive and any feedback that i give to the company, although responded to,is not dealt with. Its realy silly situatiom, when our CM is saying, that he will make sure, that video, that we expect to be make for us, will be make, but hes not sure when, as he cant get hold with his employess (LOL).
      This, in my eyes, is a matter for Trading Standards as I am clearly not receiving what you advertise.
      The customer service is appauling. eg.i am told that i will receive a movie, but no one can tell me when i will receive this movie?
      I feel that you have no control over your employees which is having a major effect on your companies status within the community.
      You seem to be making constant changes to irrelevant things, ie. website, and not listening to your customer feedback.
      The success of any company is good customer service. Customers should never be over promised and under delivered, a wow factor should be present and at the moment there clearly isn't any.
      Although i am writing this post, theses issues are common in the community and you will be receiving further posts and threats from other unhappy customers.
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    • LUKLACH2
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      Ich kann nur zusagen.

      Es gibt viele Änderungen wie zB alle Posts aus "Eure Erfolge" und "Challenges" landen plötzlich in "Poker Allgemein" Teil.

      Alle User, die schon mit Forum gewöhnt sind, werden auch nur durch einen kürzen Post in Thema Forumänderungen informiert. Diese Änderungen mache Forum unschaubar, man weiß jetzt nicht wo seine alte Treads sind, es ist nur grausam.
      Nach eine Welle von Beschwerden bekommen wir auch kein Antwort, deswegen Magda hat hier und in eng. Community gepostet.

      Wir hoffen auf feedback von CMs hier.
    • SvenBe
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      he guys, since you posted the very same thread in the english community I would like to close this one and refer to the english one.
      This is not to censor information but to keep discussion at one particular place and enables more PL users to follow the discussion then it would in german.
      The link to the EN forum thread is: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?postid=1151979#post1151979