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      Paola: Welcome to live help, My name is Paola.

      Paola: How may I help you?

      Rob: hi

      Rob: I have a question about staellites.

      Rob: when i am have qualified for the last step (the last step is a tourney) to a live tourney and i have a ticket for a sub step too and i qualified a second time. Do i get the buy in back for the last step?

      Paola: One moment please.

      Rob: k

      Paola: for which live tournament did you qualify? can you please tell me tournament name and/or number?

      Paola: so I can check?

      Rob: I didn't qualify now, I just want to know it

      Rob: but it's about the concord million

      Paola: there is no point to qualify twice in the same tournament as you can play only once in a live event

      Rob: yeah thats clear

      Rob: but look what i want to know:

      Rob: the steps are these 1€ -> 10 € -> 70 € -> live tourney.

      Rob: the 70€ sat is a trny in the ocotber and there is only one. so whats when i play two times the 10 € satellite (which are once a day) and win it

      Rob: when i win it the first time i get obviously the entry for the 70€ sat, but what when i win the 10€ tourney a second time?

      Rob: do you now what i mean?

      Paola: it is the same as above

      Paola: if you play twice you get 2 entries

      Paola: but you can play only once

      Paola: because it is a live event

      Rob: not for the live event! forget the live event! i know that i can only play once in the live event. i mean the 70 € satellite! what happens with my winning money when i win the 10 € sub-satellite two times?

      Paola: if you play twice the 10euro satellite

      Paola: you receive 2 tickets for the 70euro

      Paola: but as there is only a 70 euro satellite

      Paola: you will be able to play only once

      Paola: so it is the same

      Paola: even if it is the 70euro

      Rob: ok, but isnt that ridiculous?

      Paola: these are the rules...

      Rob: why you can registrate then for a sub-satellite, where you can win nothing?

      Paola: if you already have won 1 entry ticket

      Paola: why would you like to play the same satellite again?

      Rob: so for example, when 8 player (which have already a ticket for the 70€ tournament) are playing the 10€ satellite, the money goes to?

      Paola: the first one will win the ticket, which he or she cannot use.

      Rob: r u kidding me? kk cu gl hf

      €: flasches forum, bitte in poker allgemein verschiebn. danke
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