Email von deutscher Post. Spam?

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      Schon ne Spammail, oder? Woher sollen die meine Emailadresse haben. Erwarten tu ich afaik auch nix. Im Anhang ist ne Zipdatei mit dem angeblichen Paketschein

      Lieber Kunde,
      Es ist unserem Boten leider misslungen einen Postsendung an Ihre Adresse zuzustellen. Grund: Ein Fehler in der Leiferanschrift. Sie konnen Ihre Postsendung in unserer Postabteilung personlich kriegen. Anbei finden Sie einen Postetikett. Sie sollen dieses Postetikett drucken lassen, um Ihre Postsendung in der Postabteilung empfangen zu konnen. Vielen Dank! Deutsche Post AG.
      Captain de Solis was ordered, with sixty veterans, to take possession of this tower, and to have a look at the countenance of the enemy, without amusing himself with anything else.The tower was soon secured, but Solis, in disobedience to his written instructions led his men against the ravelin, which was still in a state of perfect defence. A musket-ball soon stretched him dead beneath the wall, and his followers, still attempting to enter the impracticable breach, were repelled by a shower of stones and blazing pitch-hoops. Hot sand; too, poured from sieves and baskets, insinuated itself within the armour of the Spaniards, and occasioned such exquisite suffering, that many threw themselves into the river to allay the pain. Emerging refreshed, but confused, they attempted in vain to renew the onset. Several of the little band were slain, the assault was quite unsuccessful, and the trumpet sounded a recal.

      Edit: Grad mal den englischen Teil gelesen. Das sagt wohl alles :D
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