die vorschläge von PS bzgl reloads werden umgesetzt

    • SebiH
      Dabei seit: 15.08.2006 Beiträge: 701
      Mail vom VIP Host:

      Regarding your bonus request I will need to refuse that at this moment and I will tell you why; Since you are a winning poker player Partygaming is providing lots of new 'fish' for you at the tables.
      After checking your account details, we noticed that you make good earnings out of that 'fish' we provide.
      Meantime you are collecting our PartyPoints, which will give you straight cash once redeemed.
      Furthermore, PartyGaming spends lots of money to get you your fish, whcih you should see as a bonus.

      auch wenn ich diesen Monat ca. 800 $ down bin...

      die grundsatzideen von PS scheinen von PP nu wirklich umgesetzt zu werden...

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