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badugi strategy

    • jabbarik
      Dabei seit: 11.04.2009 Beiträge: 369
      I'm from russian community.Don't understand deutsch. what about badugi strategy?. Anaybody have some guide on english or some books ?
      Is it variant profitabla? what about winrate and fishs on the table? have anybody graphs. Donkey shon!
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    • DaineMudda
      Dabei seit: 26.05.2009 Beiträge: 884

      There are 2 Badugi Videos in English by Phil Shaw, You have to be Gold to watch them, but you are. ;)
      Here they are:

      There is also a free beginners Badugi video made by Przytula on cardrunners. I watched that video when I started playing Badugi and it helped me a lot.

      There is also a small ebook by Barry Greenstein called "The Badugi Chapter" but it is only 13 pages of content (when you print it out) allthough amazon say 24 pages. It is pretty basic but there are 1 or 2 helpful things that you barely find somewhere else. Also it follows a pretty tight play if i remember correctly.

      I do believe it is profitable to play because there are not sov many good players and lots of not so good players. As soon as you got a basic understandment of odds and a decent startinghand selection you should be able to beat the lowest limit rather quickly.
      The problem however is that there is not so much traffic and as you climb up the limits it gets harder and harder to find a full table to play Fullring. There are sometims FR tables on $5/$10 and once in a while a $10/$20 table with 5 players or so, but above that it is only HU.

      To see Graphs you can visit this Blog
      Badugi - 3 Typen, 4 Karten und jede Menge Equity
      It is created by 2 other Badugi players and me. It is in German though but it shows you a lot of graphs :p