[2+2] Extrem gute Pokerstory eines finnishen Degens

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      Ich bin bei Part 6 von (zu der Zeit geplanten) 20. Und die story ist extrem sick, sehr gut geschrieben und einfach nur lesenswert.

      :heart: My somewhat different poker story (extremely tl;dr)

      (seine) Cliffs (obwohl ich empfehle, sie vorher nicht zu lesen, es ist einfach sehr spannend geschrieben:

      -Sportsbetting wannabe pro at 10, had 3 different scores of over $10k by 14
      -Wasted it all playing slots, lost at least $30k on slots underaged
      -Dumped gf at 19, randomly quit my job and left to Australia with a plan of staying there for 2 weeks, ended up staying 2 years. Found poker working at a prawn farm
      -Degen mode got me $20k in debt almost immediately after playing 25/50 before hardly knowing the rules
      -Had $120 left, started studying SNGs, turned it into $20k
      -Went to Vegas, got threatened with a gun in a strip bar, waved a bag of pot in the Bellagio lobby in front of everyone and somehow didn't get caught
      -Learned cash, made approx $150k playing NL 6max and HU, lost about half of it playing PLO
      -Pulling Patrik Antonius's pants down prop bet
      -Trip to Unibet Open Warzaw including strip clubs, a brothel, an unconscious girl vomiting all over a 5 star hotel lobby and almost getting called cops on, and losing everything on roulette and flips including my watch
      -Making day 2 as a chipleader of a 1650€ live tournament, going drinking on the night before day 2, getting arrested and beaten up by Portuguese policemen for hijacking a cab, then passing out on the street to get robbed at knifepoint, and after sleeping for three hours and being bruised all over making the final table
      -Being robbed at gunpoint in Mexico on my way to LAPT and never making it
      -Drinking @ PCA with durrrr, Antonio Esfandiari & co, and rating Antonio's gf
      -Witnessing a lesbian sex act in Barcelona, getting invited to join on the condition it'd include their gay roommate

      -Visiting over 50 countries during my poker career, including extremely remote Pacific Ocean islands where people hadn't heard of electricity, and visiting a tribe who ate their own dead relatives
      -Getting scammed by a poker site for my entire net worth at the time (over $50k, including other people's money)
      -Getting a fresh start playing donkaments and slowly turning $1,5k into $220k, getting my life together, and become a solid and somewhat respected MTT pro
      -Busting WSOP ME a few spots off the bubble 99<88 to a future november 9er thanks to a live misclick
      -Winning $100k from a live donkament
      [x] pics of gf or possibly gfs coming

      have fun.
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