Anmeldung unbedenklich? Hilfe bei Privacy Notice plz

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      Cookies/Software agents
      A "cookie" is a piece of software, which may be sent to your computer. Cookies enable us to collect information about how our web sites and services are being used and to manage them more efficiently. Until you have registered on Reuters web sites, the cookie will only track general usage patterns and technical information about your computer type and will not be used to identify you individually. After registration, cookies will be used to collect information on you as described in “Personal Information Reuters collects”. You can turn off the ability to receive cookies by adjusting the browser in your computer but you should note that if you do so, this may materially distort the quality of service and data you receive. You therefore do this at your own risk. Reuters also uses agents with your computer to assist with our diagnosis of technical problems and therefore to obtain information about software versions installed and data transmitted, for software compliance purposes and for you/your company to receive software updates, new releases or additional software. Sometimes you can refuse or remove these agents but that means you will not receive this additional software and may suffer service problems and you may lose all rights to support. We therefore do not recommend that you remove or tamper with these agents.

      Newsletters and Reuters Magazine
      With some services you are given the opportunity to receive a related newsletter by email or post. You can at any time choose to stop receiving a service’s newsletter or the Reuters Magazine by following the instructions with the newsletter or Magazine.

      Advertising on our web sites
      Where advertising is served on to our web sites there may be cookies used to collect technical information and generic usage information but third party advertisers will not be able to relate this to you as an individual without your consent.

      Restricted Data Sets
      If you contract for a service in your own name (and not that of your company) and that service involves the supply of trade, pricing or other financial data, your name may be included in the directory of subscribers in order that the data providers can select or restrict who can view their data.

      Credit checks
      Reuters may in some instances for some fee-paying products carry out credit checks with credit reference agencies, or we may follow up references. This will affect you if you are contracting for the service in your own name. Then the fact that Reuters has carried out such a credit check, and in some instances the nature or results of the credit check, will appear on the agency's register against your name. In many countries you can obtain a copy of your register entry by writing to the relevant credit reference agency, sometimes on payment of a fee.


      Ich wollte mich für den Zugang zu einer Datenbank von "Thomson Reuters" anmelden (Free Trial). Allerdings kommt mir das jetzt leicht dubios vor. Brauche das Ganze für eine Arbeit an der Uni, wobei ich da komplett auf mich allein gestellt bin.

      Hab das wichtige mal markiert, ich verstehe den zweiten Text überhaupt nicht! Kann es sein, dass ich zur Zahlung von irgendwelchen Gebühren herangezogen werde oder man auf meinem PC rumschnüffelt? Bitte um kurze Auskunft von einem, dessen Englisch nicht so eingerostet ist ;(
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    • freigeizt
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      der unterste absatz heisst imo nur dass falls du nen kostenpflichtigen service bei denen buchst als privatperson, die nen schufa check machen werden.

      desweiteren wird die anfrage die die gemacht haben bei der schufa gespeichert (blabla)

      und zuletzt wird darauf hingewiesen dass man selber einsicht in seine schufa akte gegen eine gebühr bekommen kann (halt alles international allgemein gehalten)

      nichts ungewöhliches ka was daran nich zu verstehen ist

      ohne gewähr
    • MyLady17
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      Grad den letzten Satz habe ich nicht kapiert, danke aber!

      Kann dann schon wieder zu