• makus
      Dabei seit: 13.04.2006 Beiträge: 7
      ich habe das quiz bestanden und bakam heute eine mail bekommen:

      On 28-Apr-06, we received a request from account "makus_F" to transfer funds from his/her Account to your Account, however the transaction has failed because your Account is not yet validated to receive money.

      To correct the problem and receive the money you must first validate your e-mail, update your profile with your personal details, and then have "makus_F" send you the money again, as this initial attempt failed.

      To validate your e-mail and update your profile, please login to the PartyAccount Software and proceed as follows from the Lobby:

      1. Click 'My Account' and then 'Validate E-mail' and once done
      2. Click 'My Account' and 'Update Profile'.

      so was soll ich jetzt machen ich habe meine mail adresse validieret.

      und noch was ich habe ausversehen vergessen den bonus code einzutragen also S150 kann man den nachtragen=?
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