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      Mitgründer und CEO von Iovation ist Greg Pierson (
      Pierson war CEO von ieLogic - ein Anbieter im Pokerbereich für Fraud-Protection (gemeinsame Datenbank von Pokerseiten, um Spieler zu blocken denen man besser keinen Service geben sollte).
      ieLogic hat UB mitentwickelt. 2004 hat Excapsa ieLogic aufgekauft und ist damit in London an die Börse. ieLogic wurde in 2 Unternehmen aufgeteilt. ieLogic wurde zu Iovation mit Pierson als CEO. (

      Nevada (NGCB, Nevada Gaming Control Board) hat CAMS, LLC lizenziert. Iovation hat einen Vertrag mit CAMS, LLC. UltimatePoker (erste legale Pokerseite in USA, Nevada) hat einen Vertrag mit CAMS, LLC für die ID-Checks. Daher bekomm Pierson momentan ganz legal weiter Geld der Pokercommunity. wtf. Jemand wie Pierson sollte mit der Gamingindustrie nichts mehr zu tun haben.

      Pierson war direkt am UB-Skandal beteiligt (siehe z.B. UB-Skandal: Leak von Beweisen)

      PokerXanadu von 2+2 hat diesbezüglich eine Mail an NGCB verfasst:

      Dear Sirs,

      It has come to my attention that there is a connection between CAMS, LLC, a company that has received an interactive gaming service provider license from the NGCB, and the largest scandal in the history of online poker. I am concerned that some of the principal persons involved in the scandal are now being given access to player account information through sites licensed in Nevada for interactive gaming.

      In 2008, the UltimateBet “superuser” scandal came to light through the investigative work of a number of astute players. Through further investigations, by both the players and eventually the Kahnawakee Gaming Commission, it was found that a “god-mode” was written into the UltimateBet software, allowing those in the know to play on the site while seeing the hole cards of the other players. This was used, starting in 2003, to steal millions of dollars from players.

      CAMS, LLC is licensed as an interactive gaming service provider by the NGCB. CAMS, LLC is a vertical market company operated by Verifi, offering the Verifi “Intelligence Suite” of “best-of-breed risk solutions” to the online gaming industry. Currently, UltimatePoker uses the software services of CAMS, LLC for, among other things, age and identity verification when a new player registers an account on the site. Iovation is the third-party vendor to CAMS, LCC that supplies the age and identity verification services to UltimatePoker.

      UltimateBet was created in 1999 by Greg Pierson and Jon Karl, who are also two of the co-founders, board members and chief executives of Iovation. In fact, Iovation (originally ieLogic) was part of the software created for UltimateBet operations. Although the hard evidence is sketchy, lost to time and possibly purposeful cover-up, it points to knowledgeable participation of both Pierson and Karl in the UltimateBet scandal, and possibly the siphoning of some of the stolen player funds into the development and operation of Iovation. And ironically, detection of exactly the sort of cheating which took place on UltimateBet was part of the design of the Iovation software.

      Although the relationship between UltimatePoker and Iovation is only indirectly through the CAMS, LCC software suite, there is still a sharing of UltimatePoker customer information (SSN/Name/Address/DOB).

      Here are some sources which provide further background information on the Ultimate Bet scandal:

      Could you please tell me if the NGCB is aware of this connection to the Ultimate Bet scandal? Was any investigation done of Greg Pierson and Jon Karl as part of the licensing of CAMS, LLC? If not, will a new investigation be started in light of this information?

      Any participation by any person in any online poker site scandal should not be overlooked in the licensing of companies for US-regulated online poker. These persons should not be afforded any opportunity to benefit from the players being protected by the Nevada gaming laws and regulations.

      Sincerely Yours,

      Meine Frage an
      Benutzt ihr immer noch ieSnare für eure Fraud Protection? (
      ieSnare ist von Iovation. Das würde bedeuten, das Geld unserer Community geht weiter an einen Betrüger wie Pierson.

      ( hat 2011 eine Stellungnahme zur Nutzung von ieSnare veröffentlicht: HVDR NERDS VEREINIGT EUCH!)
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