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PIVgame.com / PokerInVenice - Info & Chat

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    • wild5tyle
      Dabei seit: 20.06.2012 Beiträge: 204
      aus'm Skype Chat mit PIV Support

      [18:14:13] Hero: not sure what you mean with agreement with play2b and all.. can you please explain to me.

      [18:14:55] Affiliates TargetPoker: ok let me explain with few words

      [18:20:07] Affiliates TargetPoker: the agreement with play2b that owns tempurapoker.com consist on transferring the player accounts on tempurapoker, in order to make safe the players money and affiliates as well, we are proposing to our clients/partners to move to tempura with the condition to rake 75% of the balance, your balance will be visible on tempurapoker as soon as the account will be active, we have called this balance as a "bonus" as a technical term but this is guaranteed money, you have to reach the target in 5 months and sure even if some player loses the balance and after reaches the target they can withdraw this amount, kindly notice that in order to move as well the affiliate balance and make it safe we need from the affilaites to move the balance to a player account, cause this agreement is only for players, and we want to make sure that even the balances of the affiliates are safe also..

      [18:23:35] Hero: so as an affiliate i have to rake 75% of my balance in 5months ? otherwise what happens?

      [18:24:51] Affiliates TargetPoker: we are not sure about the future of our company, as you see targetpoker is offline sir, this is the final opportunity to make the balance safe

      [18:25:24] Affiliates TargetPoker: pleas let us know what we should do

      [18:26:51] Hero: how can i be sure about that after all the mess ?

      [18:27:43] Hero: you can guarantee that i get my balance ?

      [18:28:35] Affiliates TargetPoker: yes sir if you reach the target it will be safe, and you will be able to withdraw it immediately, even the winnings

      [18:28:59] Hero: and i have 5months to do so ?

      [18:29:24] Hero: but you say u dont know about the future of your company.. how can i be sure that youll be there in 5months?

      [18:30:52] Affiliates TargetPoker: sir play2b is another company, they dont have nothing to do with us, so they will pay you your amount, they are growing very fast and they guarantee that will pay every player that reaches this target

      [18:31:47] Hero: Well then i need a signed copy of that guarantee and i'll send that cormitaion email

      [18:36:05] Affiliates TargetPoker: they have received the guarantee with terms and conditions, all the players on tempurapoker, there are a lot of players from 2 weeks ago are able to make the cash outs requests succesfully because they have already reached the target