Ultimate Poker führt Winner Takes All Rake Methode ein

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      Ultimate Poker to Use Winner Takes All Rake Method
      By John Mehaffey
      Published: July 19 2013

      Ultimate Poker has announced that the winner takes all rake method will be used for its VIP program. This is a unique rake method that credits the player that wins the hand with the entire rake taken from the pot.

      This created a discussion about the merits of using this rake method. In theory, it penalizes multi-tabling nits and completely eliminates the ability for a player to grind rakeback. Loose players tend to win more pots because they are in more hands. The winner take all method will reward these types of players. Ultimate Poker is taking this position to help retain recreational players that are so important to the sustainability of an online poker room.

      The VIP program will have ten levels. Eight levels will be monthly tiers, while the other two levels will be based on annual VIP points earned. Ultimate Poker will credit the winning player with 10 VIP points for every $1 in rake paid. The program will be rolled out when version 2.0 is released.

      Ultimate Poker is the second online poker room in history to use the winner takes all rake method and the first one that accepted U.S. players. High Pulse Poker was the first poker room to use this method.
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