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Nur zur Erinnerung

    • wusah
      Dabei seit: 06.02.2006 Beiträge: 16.541

      Online poker. I was really heavy into online poker for a few years, playing up to 36 hours straight at times. It was just so easy to do. I didn't have to leave the house. I didn't have to face the world, or any of the mountains of problems I was creating for myself with each bet. I didn't even have to get dressed. I could play from work (and I did). I could insulate myself fully in that world and never have to speak a single person.
      It gets surreal. The chips become just pixels on a screen, and it becomes so easy to forget that a few clicks of a mouse had consequences. That it's real money on the table. Credit cards were maxed out in days. I sold an autographed Larry Bird basketball that was my prized possession. I ended up losing my job and my house. I would play, lose, rebuy, move up to chase losses, lose more, repeat. The speed of the hands is much, much quicker than live play; maybe 5 times as many hands an hour. That's like a cyclone.
      Some days, it felt almost out of body. Like m...to make my move. There was something so hypnotic about it; the rhythm of the clicking, the increased heart rate, the ping ping sound.
      I'd play 4, sometimes 8 tables a time. Played at limits I had no business playing. But then, gambling addiction is a tricky bitch. It's the only addiction where the addict believes the only way to "get out" is to continue engaging in the addiction. "Oh, I'm down $10K this week. No problem. One $10K bet and I'm back even." No one tries to stop being a heroin addict by doing more heroin. My brain was fucking sick.
      I estimate I must have played hundreds of thousands of online poker hands. I played at all of them. Even the ones that got busted for having powerusers that were cheating. I didn't care. It was like crack. I needed a fix. All I needed was my bottle of whiskey, a laptop, and access to a credit card and I would lose myself for hours. Or days. The emotional ride, the aftermath, the need to get more cash to get in action now. It was very unhealthy.

      Manchmal sollte man sich imo daran erinnern woher ein großer Teil des Geldes kommt.

      tl;dr auf deutsch:
      Ein haufen Leute ruinieren ihr Leben durch online poker.
      Ab und an sollte man sich das klar machen imo.
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