Keine T$ für Tickets aus dem Shop

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      Hey, nur mal so zur Info... anscheinend gibt es für mehrere Tickets aus dem Shop keine T$ mehr! Man bekommt einfach x Tickets und muss damit x trny's spielen...

      Suzana: Thanks for the confirmation. Please give me a moment while I retrieve your account details.
      Suzana: how can I help you?
      Fabian: I want to confirm something...
      Suzana: ok:)
      Fabian: if i buy 4 tournament tickets to the 108$ event (2,500 points for silver member), di I get 1 ticket and 3x 108 Tournament $ ?
      Fabian: or 4 Tickets
      Suzana: if you purchase 4 tickets from the store you will get 4 tickets
      Fabian: and i cant use the tickets to play sng's, right?
      Suzana: you can use the ticket in any $108 tournament
      Fabian: but not for like 9 11$ sng's
      Suzana: no, can be split
      Suzana: you need to use it in $108 events
      Fabian: when did you change that? it was definitely possible some weeks ago
      Suzana: when we changed what? I can see currently in the store we offer $108 entry to the $60,000 Gtd [1 x Rebuy + Add-on]
      Suzana: so my mistake, I thought the entry is for ny $108 toueny but it is only to $60,000 Gtd [1 x Rebuy + Add-on]
      Suzana: and our entries have never been split in parts
      Fabian: i know for sure that it was possible, to buy like 10 215tickets (to the 200k gtd) and to get 1 ticket and 9x 215 trny $
      Suzana: if you win multiple entries for the same tournament, they are indeed refunded in tournament dollars
      Suzana: but you are asking about the entries in the store
      Suzana: you are purchasing them, so thay can not be converted and encashed
      Suzana: they are itmes in the store- you purchase them and you get the entries
      Fabian: hmm... I see... And you are sure it wasn't possible before?
      Suzana: yes, I am
      Fabian: okay, thank you very much!
      Suzana: you are welcome:)
      Fabian: thats all for today :) have a nice day
      Suzana: Good luck and enjoy the games :) . Thank you.

      jemand ne idee, wie man jetzt am dümmsten seine PP umwandelt?! ich hab einfach keinen bock da irgendeinen bonus abzuspielen... :f_cry:
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