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Eliane: Welcome to our live chat service. How may we help you?
Dennis: Hello
Dennis: I got a question about the new neteller card
Eliane: Before we proceed, may I ask your security question please?
Dennis: Whats the timeline on it? I mean, when the new card will be available in germany?
Dennis: Yes please
Eliane: xxx
Dennis: xxx
Eliane: Thank you Sir, We don't have time frame yet, we still wait for the news.
Dennis: I heard, it is already on the way in GB, it is true?
Eliane: Yes Sir, we started sent to GB and IE.
Dennis: Ok, so no timeline on Germany...Another question
Eliane: No yet Sir, when we have time frame you will receive email about that Sir.
Dennis: If i fund my neteller account with a prepaid "Visa Electron" card, can i cashout in the same way?
Eliane: We don't have this option to withdraw
Dennis: Ok thank you, it was a pleasure to talk to you. Have a nice day.
Eliane: Have a nice day Sir
Eliane: You're welcome. Thank you for choosing NETELLER!
Damn. Langsam wirds echt nicht mehr lustig.