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Skrill stellt Transaktionen mit Gamblingseiten ab 2. Januar für Kanada ein

    • Kreatief
      Dabei seit: 28.01.2006 Beiträge: 13.896
      [QUOTE]Original von sauce123
      I received this email this morning,

      Dear Benjamin Sulsky,

      We wanted to let you know that Skrill has reviewed its operations and will cease processing gambling payments in Canada. Payments to gambling merchants will no longer be processed from 2 January, with payments from merchants ceasing on 31 January.

      Skrill will be notifying active gamblers next week and will also communicate this to its broader Canadian customer base. Please ensure you liaise with appropriate departments within your business to communicate this development and to articulate any impact across your organisation.

      Skrill would like to thank you for your custom and remains committed to partnering with you to support your future business plans.

      Best regards,


      Skrill | Help

      (Quelle: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/skrill-stopping-transactions-gambling-sites-canadians-jan-2-a-1397095/)

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    • Sharrow
      Dabei seit: 03.11.2011 Beiträge: 1.009
      Originally Posted by Bobo Fett View Post
      I've got my own theory on what's happening here, and this is with zero inside knowledge - just trying to reach some logical conclusions.

      Skrill's probably never been all that comfortable here in Canada. Neteller pulled out shortly after the UIGEA; Skrill's likely been contemplating it for at least that long. Now they finally have their foot back in the door in NJ; the last thing they want to do is jeopardize that. The long game could see them coming back to many US states, which could definitely surpass their Canadian revenues. There's nothing in Canadian law that makes online poker illegal, but there's also nothing that explicitly makes it legal, either. It's definitely something of a grey area, and there's always the possibility that if Ontario gets their act together one day and finally starts offering online poker like most other provinces, that they start taking a serious look at trying to push other sites out. I don't know if that's likely or that it would succeed, but it's definitely a non-zero possibility. And then there's also the possibility that some state regulates but looks at Skrill as being rogue for taking offshore gaming transactions in Canada.

      Given the somewhat grey area that online poker is in here, and the possibility (small or large) that one day they could get pushed out anyway, I think Skrill's made a strategic decision to go completely "legit" in North America - a market that's only going to grow.
      that sounds a lot like a post i read earlier itt

      Originally Posted by TheGift&TheCurse View Post
      CVC capital paid 600 million euros for 70% of Skrill not long ago

      they spent that $ for a reason

      obviously they're looking to establish themselves as the go to e-wallet for regulated markets (as it has begun in US)

      Canada has become what the the old US grey market was (still kinda is)

      this sucks for US player (VPNing from Canada) in the short term but good in the long term

      this sucks for Canada players just like Black Friday sucked for US players except its about 0.000000000000001% as bad


      Hoffen wir mal das diese Poster Recht haben.
    • PlauZee
      Dabei seit: 26.03.2010 Beiträge: 583
      da bisher offiziell nicht viel bekannt, gibt es auch nicht viel zu diskutieren, aber @Mod: move ins Skrill-Forum pls.
    • Kreatief
      Dabei seit: 28.01.2006 Beiträge: 13.896
      Ich habe ihn extra hier geposted, da es weniger um skrill an sich ging, sondern es ggf. Auswirkungen auf den Pokermarkt haben kann. Wie gesagt, eventuell.
    • HannesZ
      Dabei seit: 30.06.2010 Beiträge: 16.323
      Q&A (in englisch) von Skrill:

      Q: What is Skrill doing?
      A: Skrill has reached a decision that it will no longer process payments in Canada. This process will be completed in two phases – firstly the service will end by disabling payments in to gambling merchants on 2 January, and then following this, payments out shall be turned off on 31 January.

      Q: Why is Skrill doing this?
      A: The decision to cease to process gambling payments in Canada has been made as the result of a review of Skrill’s operations.

      Q: What drove Skrill’s decision to make this change?
      A: The decision to cease to process gambling payments in Canda has been made as the result of a review of Skrill’s operations.

      Q: Have regulations in Canada changed?
      A: Skrill is not aware of regulatory change in Canada.

      Q: If a customer has a payout due from a gaming merchant, what will happen with their money?
      A: Although gambling customers will not be able to pay into a gambling merchant from 2 January, they will be able to withdraw funds from gaming merchants until 31 January. This grace period has been put in place to enable customers to make any withdrawals.

      Q: Is this restriction only applying in Canada?
      A: This issue refers to Canada only.

      Q: Can customers still use their Skrill account?
      A: Customers can use their Skrill wallet to make safe and fast online payments. Customers can pay with their bank account or debit and credit cards without having to enter any sensitive details online. They can also upload and send money internationally to anyone with an email address, or use the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard to make offline transactions, with access to 1.9 million ATMs and payments everywhere MasterCard cards are accepted.

      Q: Is Skrill planning to fully restrict Canada?
      A: This restriction refers to gambling payments only.

      Q: Is Skrill obliged to share information about transaction history with public and tax authorities in Canada?
      A: Skrill will only share information with authorities where specific action is taken to demand it

      Q: What will happen to VIPs’ status and loyalty points?
      A: Customers can still redeem their loyalty points. VIP status can be retained through the normal qualifying criteria, as long as use is not within the gambling sector.

      Q: What impact will this have on Skrill’s merchant relationships?
      A: Skrill has informed its gambling merchants of this change and hopes to continue to work with them to support their business objectives.

      Q: What can Canadian gamblers do know if they want to gamble online?
      A: A number of organisations have ceased to support gambling payments in the Canadian market, but there are some who continue to do so.

      Q: Can Canadians use offshore merchants to gamble and use the Skrill wallet
      A: Canadians will be able to continue to use the Skrill wallet for non-gambling purposes, but payments will not be processed to or from gambling merchants from Canadian IP addresses.
    • lolyourmama
      Dabei seit: 11.07.2009 Beiträge: 4.492
      hey hannesZ, woher ist dieses Q&A?
    • HannesZ
      Dabei seit: 30.06.2010 Beiträge: 16.323
      Von Skrill selbst. Ich hab es noch ergänzt. :)
    • shaddiii
      Dabei seit: 05.04.2009 Beiträge: 6.985
      Original von PlauZee
      da bisher offiziell nicht viel bekannt, gibt es auch nicht viel zu diskutieren, aber @Mod: move ins Skrill-Forum pls.
      Ich habe beim Lesen des Topics schon überlegt, den Thread zu verschieben. Aber da ins Skrill Forum nur wenige reinschauen, das Thema aber viele tangiert, würd ichs persönlich im PA lassen.