• bballcall
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      Hello hard working player, hello lazy scumbag,


      I am playing ST SNGs round about 2 years on Pokerstars now. So far, in a rly sloppy way, not working on improving my actual play/understanding of the game and rather playing session after session, multitabling the limit i play(1,50$ FR turbos) without significant bankroll improvements!

      Starting with 20$ free, i raised my bankroll up to 150$ now. So yeah, deviding my winnings with the time investment(2 years), the outcome is quite miserable. The reason for it, u've allrdy read: Playing session after session and not doing the well needed work behind the scene that every hard working poker player should do -->(session reviews, handdiscussion forums, hrc-training, skypegroups, coachings, videos .... and so on, just to name a few)


      After a discussion with a rly helpful and hard working player from my skypegroup that i joined some weeks ago, I decided to finally go balls deep into the game and mobilize all the resources it needs: motivation, the will to succed, hard work and stamina.

      This is going to happen in form of a testing phase of 30 days. Afterwards I am going to evaluate, if I could be succesful with poker and everything I have to provide for it or if I'll just throw the game in the dust bin and move on in Life

      In the following part I'd like U to give me feedback, comments, ideas or anything else that comes to your mind.

      The "trial- month" is going to include following aspects:

      1) Session reviews
      1.1) Training Nash pushing/calling ranges with HRC
      1.2) Posting postflop hands into the hand discussion forum here on pokerstrategy.com

      2) Watching public poker coachings
      2.1) Moshman's coaching on wednesday which i would advise to every SNG player
      2.2) I only have bronze status here so that's allrdy the only coaching available for me, do u guys know other good, free coachings on different sites?

      3) Watching videos provided from the video section
      3.1) http://de.pokerstrategy.com/video/2156/
      http://de.pokerstrategy.com/video/24678/ )
      +steinek's "push or fold" series
      +the "reach-your-objective" series
      (These are some, that i noted down, rushing through the video section, filtered by best rating)
      3.2) Do u recommend certain Videos that helped u out quite a lot? May also contain non related SNG videos e.g documentaries, motivation-pushing videos, and so on

      4) Abusing the Pokerstrategy forums
      4.1) Writing my own threads (mostly Q&A, maybe creating a thread about my progress/feelings in these 30 days in form of a blog, not sure though)
      4.2) Reading threads that seem interesting/valuable for my progress

      5) Going through the strategy article section
      5.1) I've allrdy read all bronze and silver articles some time ago, but I feel that I have to rework them more seriously, summarising them in my own words with paper&pen

      6) Using my skypegroup
      6.1) Just for communication, to stay in touch with other poker players
      6.2) To push my motivation (e.g. people are writing about their sucesses there)
      6.3) Posting hands/ discussing poker-related content

      7) Reading a poker book
      7.1) I only know the german name, dont know if there's an english translation allrdy
      -->title: "Sit'n Go Poker Wie die Profis langfristig Geld gewinnen"
      7.2) Any books u'd recommend that stand out from the standard ones

      8) Holdem Manager 2/ Holdemresources Calculator
      8.1) Going into the more detailed usage of it
      8.2) Using the report tab, to analize my gameplay deeper
      8.3) Changing the HUD, adapting it more to my personal preferences/usage ingame
      8.4) Refering to point 1.2, marking the hands with HM2 im uncertain about how to play and using the copy function to paste into http://de.flopturnriver.com/Hand-Converter.php upload it to the discussion forums
      8.4.1) Using the copy function and paste it into HRC basic/advanced hand to analyze Nash/adapted ranges and resteal ranges
      8.5) HRC: Using the "quick-analyze" option of an entire session to analyze the biggest -EV spots/leaks

      9) Simple training with ICM-Trainer from pokerstrategy

      10) Making this "30days-trial-attempt" transparent to my familiy/friends/people i like to tell about,to...
      10) Raising/maintaining the pressure on myself in order to succed
      10.1) Draining motivation from possible feedback
      10.2) Getting supported in any possible way

      11) Motivation,motivation,motivation
      11.1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzGwKwLmgM Don't stop me now, M'Fucker


      I am going to invest every free minute in these 10 points listed above. Not dropping my sport-activities as well as social life though because i think it's important to maintain concentration and life-quality which will heavily effect my level of motivation. And I'm sure that motivation is the key-factor for all of this in order to succeed!

      Time break down is going to be 30% session playing/ 70% going into the 10 aspects listed above (with the tendency to even more theory)
      If I decide to continue with poker after the testing phase, I'll defenetly consider private coaching. I'm sure it's some well invested money at that point then!

      I realy hope, that i'm capable of transforming this wall of text into practical experience. Becoming a professional poker player is defenetly a dream of mine. Though i got to admit, that I'm rather a lazy kind of person in some things, when it's up to hard work. It's quite clear that lazyness jars with hard work, but I'll defenetly give it a shot.

      I'm curious to see if this so far intrinsic motivation can beat the god damn odds!


      Thanks for every kind of feedback, keep working hard!
      Please no comments on spelling/grammar (I'm no native speaker)

      Greetz, bballcall
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    • Taaco
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      Warum auf Englisch im deutschen Forum wenn du offensichtlich auch Deutsch sprichst?

      Naja, würde neben Poker auch gleich noch bisschen englische Rechtschreibung lernen. ;)

      aber trotzdem gl bei deinem Vorhaben
    • bballcall
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      Ich habe den Thread sowohl hier, als auch im englischen Forum gepostet und wollte ihn nicht zweimal verfassen. Hat schon lange genug gedauert =)

      Danke, für deine Glückwünsche.

      Damit ich nicht komplett wehrlos dastehe, verrate ich Dir noch, dass es deutsch sprechen geschrieben wird. Sprich, wenn wir dein vergessenes/weggelassenes (,) vor wenn ignorieren es: ... du offensichtlich auch deutsch sprichts? heißen müsste.

      Ich hau noch ein Edit rein, dass die Rechtschreibung bitte nicht kommentiert werden soll!

      Danke und Gruß
    • Yan29992
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      Your english is not the yellow from the egg.
    • bballcall
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      Ok. I'm quite sure that it's at least good enough to understand the content from the thread. If there are any understanding issues, bcs of the language then feel free to ask and i'll rephrase it. Since we are switching language alot in the answers I'd suggest to stick to german from now on. Pls no more comments on spelling/grammar ty

      Ok. Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass die Rechtschreibung/Grammatik ausreicht, um den Inhalt des Posts zu verstehen. Falls Verstandnisprobleme aufgrund dessen auftreten, einfach nachfragen und dann formuliere ich den Genannten abschnitt nochmal neu. Weiteres Feedback bitte auf Deutsch halten.

      Bitte keine Kommentare bezüglich der Rechtschreibung/Grammatik mehr.
    • shaddiii
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      Hallo bballcall,

      ich drücke dir die Daumen was deine Motivation und Ziele angeht. Allerdings passt dein Thread eher in die Blog-Sektion und englischer Inhalt auch eher ins Englische Forum.

      Magst du dich vielleicht auf eine Sprache festlegen und können wir den Thread dann verschieben?
    • ARIAploMAX
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      Eine von den zwei Sprachen versteh sogar ich =)
    • bballcall
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      Hi shaddiii,

      ist wahrscheinlich eine blöde Idee gewesen, den Thread auch hier ins deutsche Forum reinzustellen.

      Da ich im englischen Forum schon gefragt wurde, darüber zu bloggen und dort auch konstruktives Feedback bekommen habe, werde ich das Vorhaben dann im englischen Forum weiterführen und darüber auch bloggen.

      Ihr könnt den Thread hier gerne löschen!

      Gruß bballcall
    • shaddiii
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      Löschen wäre nun auch etwas übertrieben, aber ich mache hier mal zu :)