Preflop: short stacks MTT

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      Hello guys
      I’ve got a problem with my <15bb range. For example: I fold to a 3bet 47% of the time with my 15-20bb range in UTG2 which seems reasonable. The issue accurse when I’m only 12-15bb deep. I start jamming (in the same example) some part of my range right away so my continuing range is a lot weaker. Now when I opening with a min-raise (12-15bb deep) I have to fold against a 3bet 60% of the time (in other positions even more) which seems way too high. My idea is since we have to open the same amount of hands with 12-15bb (because they are profitable as an open for <20bb they shout be even more profitable with <15bb, more equity realization short stacks) to increase the continuing range with around 20-24 combos.
      What do you think?

      Short summary:
      UTG2: 15-20bb Min-raise opening: 184 combos, Jamming: 0 combos, FT3B: 88 combos (47%)

      UTG2: 12-15bb Min-raise opening: 126 combos, Jamming: 58 combos (AJo-AKo, KQs, 88-TT), FT3B: 76 combos (60%)

      Thankful for every answer:D
      (Appendix: UTG2 open 12-15bb, yellow continuing range (4bet and call), blue fold to 3bet, green open jam)
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