ich bin grad durch zufall auf den blog von good2cu (insbesondere bekannt aus dem 2+2 BBV forum) gestoßen und dort auf einen beitrag, der meine erfahrungen der letzten monate ziemlich genau beschreibt und den ich für sehr wertvoll erachte:


Playing your A Game

A post by Jfish on the 2p2 forums asking how to maxmazie the time spent playing your A game insipired me to write the following:

I have played a million+ hands of NL Hold’em, and have had several 100k+ hand months. I find I tend to go through cycles where I play my A game, makes lot of money, then either 1) Hit a level I can’t beat and lose tons of money at the highest stake, then have to move way down (now playing my C trying to win my money back fast) or 2) Become bored/uninterested in poker, stop tabling selecting, stop thinking through decisions, go on my autopilot C- Game, become a marginal/winner breakeven until I start needing money again, repeat.

Hopefully, this was all part of my first few months of the pro and I have learned from mistakes and am going to continue making money in bundles (I’m coming off the best 3 month run in my life). Here are some things that have helped me:

-Go to the gym everyday. Educate yourself on good workouts/hire a personal trainer etc. This will not only improve your poker game but every other aspect of your life as well

-Have productive actives outside of poker (School Business interests).

-Play short sessions/less tables/don’t ‘force’ yourself to play

- Take breaks when losing.If you are on a big downswing take a week off! (This is when it's really important to have things to go beside poker)

-Game Selection: This is the most important. It is really hard to lose when you are playing terrible players. Don’t get stuck into playing one limit

-Ego Minimization: Don’t be afraid to quit tables if the lineup is though etc. Be in it for the money not the compintion, plenty of chances to play good players when fish are at the table too. This is what separates the best professionals from the very talented players who are constantly busto imo.

-Have non-poker friends to do normal things with, Have a social life, it's fun.

-Cut down on alcohol/drugs. Adderal/Weed etc. can really help your game in the short term but in the long run you pay a price for this edge. Can still be helpful in moderation though.

-Have goals. Have Monterey/hand goals to encourage you to play you’re A game (lets face it none of really have to worry about paying the bills). Always be working towards something, give a % of your winnings to charity.
-When you get a rut physically watch a better player play a session and ask him what he’s thinking about. Also talking through every decision with a player you respect during hands is very helpful. (I’m lucky in this regard as I have many friends who are by far better poker players than me).

-I know mediation/yoga has helped a lot of people and this is something I def want to learn. In the meantime I’m doing the lazyman’s mediation by working out everyday and/or spending time in a sauna/steam room/jazua just relaxing. I also get massages etc at a nice spa a few times a month.

-Take a vacation! Take some of that money you’ve worked so hard for, invite a girlfriend and go to a exotic location. Can you think of a more fun way to help your game?

Basically what’s occurred to me is that I can spend 40-50 hours a week playing poker, rarely leaving my house and being mentally exhausted all the time.

Or I can spend 20-30 hours a week playing poker, make as much money and lead a much healthier, happier and fulfilling life.