Online Poker in Australien illegal?

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      Bisher hab ich hier immer recht gemütlich gezockt.. jetzt muss ich das lesen

      I. The prohibition on the provision of interactive gambling services
      (a) The offence
      The Act targets the providers of interactive gambling services and not the actual or potential customer. It is an offence to provide interactive gambling services to a customer physically present in Australia, irrespective of whether the customer is an Australian or not.(3)
      The offence applies to both local and foreign interactive gambling providers.(4) However, from a practical perspective only those foreign interactive gambling providers that have a connection to Australia are likely to be prosecuted.
      The maximum penalty for the offence is $220,000 per day for individuals (5) and $1.1 million per day for bodies corporate.(6)
      Internet service providers (ISPs) will not be guilty of the offence, unless they provide the interactive gambling service themselves.

      Das Ding ist:
      Pokern ist hier in New South Wales offiziell KEIN Gambling. Ob allerdings zwischen "Online Gambling" und Poker und Live-Poker unterschieden wird weiß ich nicht.

      Kennt sich da jemand aus? Grund zur Sorge?
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