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Preferred Member

    • Pris0n
      Dabei seit: 15.07.2007 Beiträge: 8.603
      Dear Pris0n,
      While running checks for accounts with similar information, it has come to our attention that there is another account that shares very similar information with yours. In order to guarantee the safety of our players and remain an honest site, we only allow one real money account per player. As a result we have placed a temporary hold on your account and your recent cash out request.

      In order to confirm your identity and process your cash out, we kindly request that you become a Preferred Member. To become a Preferred Member, all you have to do is:

      1. Go to: http://www.pay-pro.com/preferred_member.html.
      2. Print out the Preferred Members Application Form.
      3. Fill it in and sign it.
      4. Scan it along with supporting documents (government issued photo ID i.e. Driver's License or Passport and any Credit Card or Check used to fund your account front/back) to:efax@pay-pro.com

      Alternatively you can fax the documents to 00 186 6907 3653 (Toll Free Fax for Canada; International charges apply for the rest of the countries) / 00 800 3333 7789 (Toll Free for European Countries: UK, Rep. of Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Norway and Portugal).

      If you are selecting the fax option, please set your fax to scan at the highest resolution to ensure that the copy you are sending us is light and all required information is legible.

      If you do not wish to reveal all information contained in the documents, you may cross out the information that does not concern PartyAccount.com.

      Please be assured that all information submitted by you is maintained private and confidential and will not be made available to any third party.

      We appreciate your prompt attention and your cooperation.


      The Investigations Team

      NOTE: Please do not disclose your password to any individual/ organization claiming to represent or representing 'PartyAccount.com'. If you receive any email or phone call >from anyone requesting you to provide your password, please report it to us immediately. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 to assist you via email.

      Alles klar, is das normal das man dass machen muss?
      Was soll ich bitte machen, wenn ich nur noch einen Kontoauszug online bekomm?
      Und ich sowieso keine Kreditkarte habe?
      Da stellt sich für mich auch die Frage was ist
      1. Social Security or tax ID Number (wo bekomm ich sowas her...)
      2. Was kommt in die Lücker vor (Initial)??

      Danke für die Hilfe
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