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Wasting Taxes For You

    • toRRid
      Dabei seit: 22.02.2006 Beiträge: 1.263

      lesen gerade in Englisch die Kolumnen von Bill Bryson aus seinem Buch "Notes from a big Country" und sollten jetzt selber eine Kolumne schreiben.
      Ein Kumpel und ich haben uns für das Thema "Steuerverschwendung" entschieden. Wollte fragen, was ihr von der Kolumne haltet und natürlich auch Fehler mitteilen, die wir gemacht haben ;)


      Wasting Taxes For You

      Last week I drove to the shopping mall in the city. I am doing that every Friday and I am so used to the way that I often cannot even remember how I got there. But that day the road was closed. A sign told me they were redeveloping the street like they are doing it with many roads lately. I could not understand why they were doing it with that road. It was not even bad. Since it was just a little detour for me it did not bother me very much.
      Then yesterday an article made me think about it again. The most devastating fact of it was that the debts of Germany’s government have just gone beyond 1.5 trillion euro. That is a record and made me wonder why we are still wasting taxes pointlessly.
      According to the Union of Taxpayers (BdSt) there were 30 billion euro wasted by the government just in 2006.What astonishes me the most is not only that that’s 5 per cent of the states household but also the ludicrous examples of tax waste which make me wonder whether I should cry or laugh.

      One of the most stunning cases I read about is the new construction of the departement of health. To save the high rents for the old building they built a new one for 28 million which how they recently noticed is too small. It is now planned to rent another building to the new one.

      Together with corruption, senseless bureaucracy and especially the exorbitant transgression of building costs misplanning is one of main causes for this tax waste.
      Still I would not have a problem with the waste of money if it wasn’t so unbelievable redundant and avoidable in the most cases.

      The biggest problem in Germany is that no one, who misplans projects or starts nonrelevant ventures, gets impeached. So they can shoot your and my wad without going into prison or getting punished another way.

      To show you how ridiculous they behave I want to give you another example.
      Last year a bear, called Bruno, made trouble in Bavaria, killed some sheep and scared tourists, so after he got shot, some people feared about the same hysteria concerning wolves. So they released a magazine which explained that wolves are not bad and that there’s no need to be afraid of them. The problem is, we only have about 20 wolves in Germany. Total costs of the magazine: 304 000 euro.
      Imagine these 304 000 euro or better the 30 billion euro would have been used for building or restaurating schools for computers for school or for education at all.
      I believe that we all must rethink and we all must realize that it is our money we are talking about and that every single office bearer who spends tax money has to act as if it's his own money.
      If he did so he’d think twice before wasting it.

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