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    • packo
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      was bedeutet das? hab ich das richtig verstanden das sie meinen account aufgrund einer beschwerde geschlossen haben?

      Hello ....,

      We have received a complaint regarding your User ID. After some
      consideration, we have decided that this name is borderline, and might
      be viewed as inappropriate by other players as well.

      We have closed your user ID '............', and ask that you choose a
      new user ID. Please open the PokerStars program and
      select 'Account', 'Create Account' from the PokerStars lobby.

      Once you have created the new account, please write us back from
      *this* email address, and inform us of the new user ID. We will move
      any chips or FPP over to the new account.

      Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


      PokerStars Support Team
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