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      Dabei seit: 19.01.2005 Beiträge: 2.105
      natehawk618 (Observer): Onetimepls, i need to talk to you.
      Someone posing as you just scammed me for a good amount
      OneTimePls: ok
      OneTimePls: it wasnt me
      OneTimePls: :(
      natehawk618 (Observer): well i know that now
      natehawk618 (Observer): but
      natehawk618 (Observer): i need you to email a site for me
      natehawk618 (Observer): whats your pstars name man?
      natehawk618 (Observer): i am so depressed right now
      OneTimePls: aXeroX
      natehawk618 (Observer): god dammit
      OneTimePls: i'm so sorry
      natehawk618 (Observer): man its not ur fault, but i knew your
      name as a top player, and i just got 3rd in daily double the
      other night so i had small roll.. and some guy said he needed a
      trade to pstars so i sent him 400 and he signed off.,. he said
      he was you
      natehawk618 (Observer): i thought you might want to know
      natehawk618 (Observer): his aim is beckstyles33
      OneTimePls: ty for telling me
      OneTimePls: but i dont see anything i can do
      OneTimePls: i could flame him to death
      natehawk618 (Observer): you are welcome, will you send an
      email to pstars for me or something? i cant lose this money
      natehawk618 (Observer): i need to get it back and they dont
      listen to low rollers like me
      natehawk618 (Observer): that was like 1-2 my roll
      natehawk618 (Observer): i obviously know it wasnt you, im just
      worried. I dont want anything from you except maybe some
      help contacting stars and tryin to get his thing banned
      natehawk618 (Observer): i dunno sigh
      OneTimePls: i am going to copy this chatlog and post it in my
      natehawk618 (Observer): ok
      OneTimePls: if they think its worth a shot
      OneTimePls: i do it
      singsumdimdum: ur so nice xerox
      natehawk618 (Observer): the pokerstars name
      that he had me send to was onetime87
      OneTimePls: u sent him 400?
      natehawk618 (Observer): yes
      natehawk618 (Observer): and then he signed off
      natehawk618 (Observer): i need to get my money
      back man. just please have it in ur heart to email
      them or something
      OneTimePls: thats a bit stupid of you tbh
      OneTimePls: i would never ask for just 400
      natehawk618 (Observer): i know, but he was really
      OneTimePls: 4000 ok
      natehawk618 (Observer): he tricked me good
      OneTimePls: ok

      whats my line?
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