flopped full house slowplay

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      Hand #48948807-2918 at Kentwood (No Limit Hold'em)
      Started at 19/Dec/07 08:51:33

      LazyLeif is at seat 0 with $28.23.
      nycjrod is at seat 1 with $24.65.
      Lccxjcxj is at seat 2 with $24.14.
      Hero is at seat 3 with $7.95.
      fabnabab is at seat 4 with $5.35.
      atomix999 is at seat 5 with $25 (sitting out).
      The button is at seat 3.

      fabnabab posts the small blind of $.10.
      LazyLeif posts the big blind of $.25.

      LazyLeif: -- --
      nycjrod: -- --
      Lccxjcxj: -- --
      Hero: 6s 5s
      fabnabab: -- --


      nycjrod folds. Lccxjcxj folds. Hero calls.
      fabnabab folds. LazyLeif checks.

      Flop (board: 5d 6d 5c):

      LazyLeif checks. Hero checks.

      Turn (board: 5d 6d 5c 4h):

      LazyLeif bets $.60. Hero calls.

      River (board: 5d 6d 5c 4h Kc):

      LazyLeif bets $2. Hero goes all-in for $7.10.
      LazyLeif calls.


      Hero shows 6s 5s.
      Hero has 6s 5s 5d 6d 5c: full house, fives full of sixes.
      LazyLeif shows Kh 5h.
      LazyLeif has Kh 5h 5d 5c Kc: full house, fives full of kings.

      Hand #48948807-2918 Summary:

      $.64 is raked from a pot of $16.
      LazyLeif wins $15.36 with full house, fives full of kings.

      war das so falsch alles?
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