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Level 17 Thinking?

  • 7 Antworten
    • Wody
      Dabei seit: 23.01.2007 Beiträge: 3.871
      Ich find die Hand auch schlecht gespielt, gibt aber geteilte Meinungen darüber. Vielleicht hilft dir das weiter:
      Original von KevinhoStar
      ich hab die sendung noch nicht gesehen, aber ich denke es geht um diese hand? (aus townsends blog)

      The first hand occurred between Patrik Antonius and myself. I am going to be looking like a huge donkey on TV and everyone at the studio was totally befuddled by the call I made. The only person who thought it was reasonable was Patrik but he may have just been saying that to be kind to me. I know I do that to others when they play poorly but don't want to tell them. Anyways...

      Phil Ivey limped UTG followed by Patrik at 300/600 blinds with 100 ante. I had a little over 200K in front of me and Patrik covered. Phil will often limp re raise but he was sick/bored and not playing his A game on the show. So I raised with QJo to 3600. Everyone folded including Phil. Patrik called the 3600 and the two of us took the flop with about 8K in the pot. Patrik was playing well but very very loose preflop. he had previously defended a cutoff raise with 92s. So I figured his range was incredibly wide.

      The flop came down Q56 rainbow. He checked and I bet about the pot at 7500. He thought a bit and called. When he just called I figured he had a middle pair type of hand. He was making alot of loose flop calls in and out of position so I didn't give him to much credit for a monster hand. I felt that it was very likely I had the best hand.

      The turn came the king of hearts making two hearts with the Q and K. Again he checked. I often check in spots like these since its really tough to figure out what the correct decision is with stacks being this deep if raised. I would guess Patrik has some inkling of this so I opted to fire again to vary my play. I bet about 20K which he called. The pot now contained ~60K.

      The river brought a four which didn't complete the heart flush draw. Again he checked. I thought a bit and felt I had the best hand and opted to extract value from a six. Patrik likes to make calls and I felt there was value in the bet. I bet 40K and he thought for about 2 min. He then grabbed his 25K black chips and check raised me to 150K.

      I instantly cussed. I was so sick. Getting check raised on the river with second pair is never fun, especially from someone tricky like Patrik who you can't just fold against. After cussing I began thinking about the hand. First thought I had was does he have the nut straight. I thougth a bit and decided no he didn't. My logic is he would have raised the flop or tun since he wouldn't want to show down 78 out of position if I were bluffing with something as little as jack high. He would want to move me off those hands at some point. We were also very deep so he could put a lot of pressure on my by a flop or turn raise. Also the flop has a great texture for him to semi bluff since its very unlikely I will 3 bet a check raise since the flop is relatively dry. I would trap with three queens and with aces I wouldn't want to get it all in with us both having 200K effective stacks.

      Nest question does he have a set or KQ? The 78 logic took me about a minute to work through and I almost instantly dismissed a set or KQ as I felt he would have raised somewhere before the river. We had 200K stacks and with those hands he wants to get all the money into the middle. I felt he would want to build the pot at some point. One other possibility was he rivered a set of 4's but even Patrik as loose as he is probably would have dumped two 4's if not on the flop defiantly by the turn.

      So what did he have? I spend about a minute thinking about that as well. I felt a very likely hand was A6 type of hand as well as 67 of hearts or something along those lines. he may have thought he had the best hand on the flop and turn or had a lot of outs to improve if behind. Then on the river he could have correctly read me for being weak and decided to turn his six into a bluff to move me off a one pair hand.

      From this logic I couldn't think of a hand I was losing to so after a few minutes I decided to call. I put in the 6 25K black chips and I hear the worst words ever "I have a set". I was even sicker than when he had check raised me. I had completely mis analysed the hand and almost instantly dismissed the hand he had. I thought there was less than a 1% chance he had a set with how the hand played out. I think my call is a very weak one if he is check raising the river with KQ and set type of hands. What can I say, I made a decision based on my previous play with him and did the best I could in the situation. I think the most marginal decision in the hand came on the turn when I opted to bet 20K. I think I should have checked there and that is my standard line but I opted to fire instead. I have to give Patrik a lot of credit as he played the hand very well. He trapped me for the maximum. He extracted max value from me by playing a hand in a deceptive manner. All I can take from the hand is the experience and when playing with him in the future I will have a better estimation of his ranges.
    • RobTheTop
      Dabei seit: 12.02.2006 Beiträge: 1.218
      war doch en klarer CB river ..
    • PushnPray
      Dabei seit: 10.02.2007 Beiträge: 5.402
      Original von RobTheTop
      war doch en klarer CB river ..
      The river brought a four which didn't complete the heart flush draw. Again he checked. I thought a bit and felt I had the best hand and opted to extract value from a six. Patrik likes to make calls and I felt there was value in the bet. I bet 40K and he thought for about 2 min. He then grabbed his 25K black chips and check raised me to 150K.
    • puckl
      Dabei seit: 04.11.2005 Beiträge: 427
      ist das das aussie cash game 2008? kann man das schon wo ansehen??
    • annobln
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2007 Beiträge: 5.976
      Glaube das ist "Million Dollar Cashgame" -> Pokertube
    • West48
      Dabei seit: 13.10.2007 Beiträge: 1.176
      Korrekt, Million Dollar Cash Game in London, kann man alles auf PokerTube sehen !!!

      Find den Call sehr grenzwertig, sieht er hinterher ja auch ein...
      Dafür find ich den Call auch wiederrum ziemlich stark, denn er zieht hier viele Faktoren zur Entscheidung hinzu, aber PA hat hier auch äußerst tricky und sehr gut gespielt, für einen kurzen Augenblick dachte ich am River schon, er callt nur noch ^^

      Hätte Townsend hier seine Standart Line gespielt wäre es sicherlich günstiger für ihn geworden, bzw. sogar möglich gewesen zu mucken, nachdem PA ihn am River raised kann ich seine Gedankengänge aber zumindest soweit verstehen, dass er sich hier nicht zwangsweise beat sieht, bzw. das er hier sogar einen Bluff sieht.

      Nice Hand :D
    • jamal47
      Dabei seit: 20.01.2007 Beiträge: 1.342
      Ich habe die ganze Show gesehen und denke, dass Antonius die Hand so gespielt hat, weil Townsend schon davor marginale Hände 3 mal gebarrelt hat. Kurz davor hat er gegen Roland de Wolfe ein paar Aces mit 9er Kicker auf jeder street gebettet, obwohl die Hand am Flop glaube ich multiway war. De Wolfe hatte A7... imo war das eine super value Bet von sbrugby.
      Wenn ich es allerdings richtig interpretiere haben einige danach ihr Spiel gegen Townsend umgestellt und vielleicht hat PA sein Set deshalb so gespielt.