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Heroes back on Air

    • SlannesH
      Dabei seit: 23.01.2005 Beiträge: 7.738
      Aber leider erst am 7. September :(

      Chris Zatta is a writer's assistant on Heroes and actually wrote the episode "Parasite." ~PbN's note.

      "First off, the Heroic League of Scribblers wish to thank all our loyal fans for their support during this important milestone in the history of the Writer’s Guild and Hollywood. We could never express our gratitude to hear from all of you and even see you on the picket line. It kept us strong. It kept us proud. And it kept us eager to get back to work on making the best show ever. Which takes me to the matter at hand…
      HEROES will be back on the air Monday, September 7th with the start of Season 3 – Volume 3: Villains. And the great news is that NBC has ordered 25 episodes!
      Yes, there is a long time between now and September. But we do believe absence makes the heart grow both fonder and hungrier. And when we start back up we’re going to have 13 new episodes airing straight through September to December!
      We, the writers, have been back in the writer’s room for almost two weeks now, but production won’t begin until May. The last time we had that much time to craft our emotional, exciting and aggressive stories was before the start of Season 1. We are ecstatic to have this opportunity to recapture all the energy Heroes had when it first burst through the starting gate!
      And we’re going to start the season with adrenaline! A lot is going to happen and it’s going to be a thrill ride. New characters – Old ones you never expected to see again. Villains – Lot’s of them. Throughout all of this, we’ll never lose sight of the greater picture that keeps all of our heroes forever connected and working to save the world!
      On behalf of the entire writing staff on Heroes, thank you for standing by our side!

      Chris Zatta"
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