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2+2 analyse... PT stats

    • mukzr
      Dabei seit: 02.02.2007 Beiträge: 8.922
      Hi... hab grad den Artikel hier gelesen:

      How to use Poker Tracker.

      3. How's my stealing?
      To check on your performance when trying a blind steal, go to the General Info. tab. Where it says "Att. To Steal Blinds" I'd like to see that number at LEAST 20%. (Personally, I like mine to be over 30%, but I'm very aggressive in these situations. If you're trying to steal the blinds less than 20% of the time, you're leaving lots of money on the table.) Now click on "Filters..." and under "Chance to Steal Blinds" click "Chance to Steal & Raised." Select OK and look at the numbers. This shows every time you've tried to steal the blinds, and how the attempt turned out for you. Under "Totals" see the "BB/Hand" statistic. That shows your per-hand winrate on blind steals. If you multiply this number by 100, it should be at least double your "PTBB/100" average winrate. If it's much less than that and you have a decent sample size, you have a hole in your game when it comes to blind stealing. This should be an exceedingly profitable thing to do when you try it; if it's not, you need to work on your strategy.

      Da kommt bei mir 6.68 raus, aber meine winrate ist 5.32... Hab ich da leaks, oder is das bei so einer relativ hohen winrate ein passabler Wert (6.68) ?!


      5. Heads-up play.
      Click on “Turn Filter Off,” then click on “Filters…” again. Under “Hands With Between…Players Seeing The Flop” change the range from “0 to 10 players” to “2 to 2 players.” Hit “OK” and see what comes up. This shows you how you’ve done when you were heads-up preflop, but a flop was dealt. See how you’ve done in these situations. If things look OK, go back to “Filters…” and under “Pre-flop Raise” select “No Raise.” This will show you how you’ve done when you didn’t raise preflop, but the hand was heads-up on the flop (this includes pure limping and when someone ELSE raised preflop, but not when you were the preflop raiser). Is this number positive? If not, it could be an indicator that you have trouble when you are not the aggressor preflop, especially without padding in the pot.

      Da hab ich bei nur 0.04bb / hand... kann mir einer sagen ob das viel/wenig/ok ist?!

      Und beim 2. (no raise) hab ich -0.10bb / hand ... Heißt das, ich sollte das headsup play lieber meiden, wenn ich nicht der aggressor bin?!

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