Gebühren für deposit von MB und NT?!

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      Hier aus dem live chat mit einem titan supporter:

      Jack: I apologize for the long wait. We try to attend to all our players the quickest possible time. My name is Jack from the Online Support Team. I am glad to assist you with your concern.
      MartinZ87: hi, i want to cash out money to moneybrookers!
      MartinZ87: but i think i have never made a deposit from moneybrookers
      MartinZ87: is this a problem?
      MartinZ87: if yes, how can we solve this problem?
      Jack: Did you try to make a withdrawal request using moneybookers?
      MartinZ87: not yet
      MartinZ87: do i shall make a withdrawl without ever paying in from moneybrookers?
      Jack: You have to deposit first using Moneybookers before you can use it for withdrawal.
      MartinZ87: and there is no other possibility?
      MartinZ87: except of depositing money from moneybrookers
      Jack: Since you have used neteller to deposit in your account, you can use it for withdrawal.
      MartinZ87: hmm ok
      MartinZ87: what is the minimun deposit for moneybrookers?
      Jack: For Titan there is no transaction fee for deposit but for Moneybookers 1.9% deposit fee per transaction
      Jack: Minimum deposit for Titan is $20.
      MartinZ87: what? when i am deposit some $$$ from moneybrookers they take 1.9%? are you sure?
      Jack: Yes there is a deposit transaction fee.
      MartinZ87: and if i use neteller, there is no transactio fee right?
      Jack: For Neteller Deposit fee 3.9% per transaction
      MartinZ87: i have never paid transaction fees
      Jack: Withdrawal fee is free for Neteller.
      MartinZ87: but this is only for $ € conversation or other way round or? i dont think neteller and moneybrookers take some fees, i have nver paid such of those fees what you describe
      Jack: I checked again in there website that they have deposit transaction fees per transaction.

      sorry für mein schlechtes englisch, aber stimmt das was er sagt? für jeden deposit von MB 1.9% und bei NT sogar 3.9%?!
      Ich glaube ich habe noch nie solche fees gehabt, jedenfalls hab ich es nirgends gelesen und mein geld ist (glaube) ich immer komplett angekommen.
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